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December 2010 Parent Involvement Calendar.docx - KYPIRC - Kentucky by liwenting


									                                            Kentucky Parent Involvement Calendar
                                                                                December 2010
           “All parents can make a difference in the life of a child by being involved with their education.”
                                                                            Quoted from Harvard Family Research Project
         Sunday                          Monday                       Tuesday                     Wednesday                      Thursday                        Friday                       Saturday
                                                                                                        1                              2                             3                              4
                                For more information                                           Hanukkah begins at          Eat a Red Apple Day             Find out if your local       Go outside and do a fun
                                 about this calendar                                          sundown. It is an 8 day     “An apple a day keeps the         PTA or PTO has an          physical activity with your
                                    please contact                                                Jewish holiday          doctor away!” Encourage       upcoming meeting. Ask a        child (ex. ride bikes, rake
                                   Jill Dunavent at                                            commemorating the          your child to try different    friend or neighbor to go        leaves, toss a football,
                      or                                         rededication of the Holy        varieties of apples.        with you to a meeting or                 etc).
                                  (502) 564-3533.                                              Temple in Jerusalem.                                               event.

             5                                6                              7                           8                            9                             10                              11
 Today is Walt Disney’s          If you know a family who         Be sure to check your       Check with your child’s       National Christmas          When driving from place         Bundle up and take a trip
birthday. He was born in          needs assistance, talk to      child’s class and school      teacher to see if he is           Card Day               to place with your child,         to the Louisville Zoo.
1901. Ask your child how          your Family Resource           newsletter to keep up         making progress in all     Ask your child to help you     take advantage of that            Talk about how the
old he would be if he were           & Youth Services           with special events going     areas. If not, what can     address and put stamps on      uninterrupted time for         different animals are able
     still alive today.           Center. They will know       on throughout the month.       you help with at home?          Christmas cards.               conversations.            to adapt during the winter
                                 of resources that can help.                                                                                                                                     months.

            12                               13                            14                            15                          16                              17                            18
Ask your child to decorate       Check out      Buy a book of word search        Watch your child’s        Talk to your child about          How many winter                There are many
a 5x7 index card. Use the         for resources and links to    or crossword puzzles to       favorite show or movie      being safe with electrical     inspired songs can your       winter/holiday plays and
other side as a postcard to       other parenting websites.    do with your child. It’s a      with him. Talk about        cords. Don’t plug too        family name? Make a list       musicals this time of year.
send to out of town family         They are Kentucky’s         great way to add words to       choices the characters     many into one extension       of all the songs and have a    Find a local performance
   members or friends.            Parent Information &          your child’s vocabulary.     make and if they are good     and never cover a cord               sing-a-long.             and attend with your
                                    Resource Center.                                                   or bad.                   with a rug.                                                     child.

             19                              20                            21                            22                           23                              24                           25
   Make cookies or other             Try to come up with       First Day of Winter             Turn up the radio and                                    If you are traveling by car,        Christmas
 goodies with your child to        ways for your family to     Did you know that tonight       dance with your child.      Read a favorite holiday          point out the license        Discuss traditions your
give to friends or neighbors        conserve energy. Ask       is the longest night of the    It’s good exercise and a    story or poem with your           plates from different      family has with your child
  who may stop by to visit         your child to help turn                year?               great way to stay warm                child.              states. Keep track of how      and share memories from
    during the holidays.         lights out when they leave                                     on those cold nights.                                    many different states you      when you were a child.
                                           a room.                                                                                                                   see.

           26                                 27                            28                           29                           30                            31
Kwanzaa is celebrated for         Encourage your child to        Encourage your child to         Did you know the          Try to spend extra time        New Year’s Eve
    7 days by African             write thank-you notes to      read a few minutes every     bowling ball was invented       with extended family         Reflect on the events
 Americans. Each family              friends and family         day during winter break.        on this day in 1862?          members and close          from 2010. Talk about
 celebrates in their own          members. It’s not only        Make a trip to your local     Bowling is a fun activity   friends. Children need to     fun things you have done
 way, but incorporates 7            polite, it also builds     library to check out books     for the whole family to       know they are loved by         together as a family.
   guiding principles.                  writing skills.          that interest your child.        enjoy together!               many people.
                     Cathy Barnard, Director
                 Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative
                           100 Alpine Drive
                        Shelbyville, KY 40065
                           1(800) 251-4676                                       Sandy Rutledge, President
                     E-mail:                                             P.O. Box 654
                      Website:                                       Frankfort, KY 40602-0654
                                                                                      (502) 226-6607 phone
Region 1 Staff               Region 2 Staff        Region 3 Staff                       (502) 226-6610 fax
Western Kentucky             N. Central Kentucky   Eastern Kentucky
Martin L. King Elementary    Bullitt Lick Middle   Betsy Layne Elementary        E-mail:
14405 Dr. Martin L. King Dr. 555 W Blue Lick Rd.   256 School St.                   Website:
Hopkinsville, KY 42240       Shepherdsville, KY    PO Box 128
                                    40165          Betsy Layne, KY 41605
(270) 887-7310               (502) 543-0884        (606) 478-1966

                    Michael Denney, Director
            Cabinet for Health and Family Services
                                                                                      Shaun Murphy
   Division of Family Resource and Youth Services Centers                      Community Engagement Branch
                   275 East Main Street 3 C-G                                 Kentucky Department of Education
                       Frankfort, KY 40621                                           17th Floor, 500 Mero St.
                      (502) 564-4986 phone                                            Frankfort KY 40601
                        (502) 564-6108 fax                                               (502) 564-6880
                E-mail:                               E-mail:
            Website:                        Website:

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