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 (Incorporating Statement of Purpose)

           Longforth House
           Longforth Road, Wellington
              Somerset, TA21 8RH
            Telephone: 01823 663667
                Fax: 01823 665917

            THE AGE OF   40 YEARS

Contents                                              -2

Registered Provider                                   -3

Management and Staffing                               -3

Fees and Services Provided                            -4

Key Terms of Contract                                 -4

Our Philosophy of Care                                -4

Our Client Group and Range of Needs Met               -5&6

Residents’ Rights                                     - 6, 7, 8,

     Privacy
     Dignity
     Independence
     Security
     Choice

Accommodation                                         -8&9

Home Life                                             - 10,11,12

     Personal and health care
     Social Activities hobbies and Leisure
     Smoking and alcohol
     Consultation/Contact with family and friends
     Safety and Emergency procedures
     Concerns and complaints

Compliments, Complaints, Comments, Concerns Policy    - 13

Room Sizes Wellington House                           - 14

Important Addresses                                   - 15

Registered Provider:
The Registered Provider of Care is Peace Homes Limited through its
subsidiary company: Wellington Care (Somerset) Limited.

The registered company address is:

            Thomas Westcott Accountants,
            64 High Street, Bideford,
            North Devon,
            EX39 2AN

Management and Staffing:
The house is owned by Tony Peace. He is assisted by Sarah Peace
who is responsible for the finance and operation of the business and
has a Diploma in Management to complement her 20 years of practical
experience of managing residential and nursing care.

Responsibility for the care of the residents and the staff within the
home is shared by Registered Managers’ Maggie Milton and Liz
Thorne, both of whom have many years of experience together with the
Registered Manager’s Award and Level 4 in Care.

Maggie and Liz are supported by Pat Smith our Administrator who will
be in reception from 9am – 3pm each weekday.

A Senior Care Assistant or Senior Support Worker is on duty at all
times and is responsible for the smooth running of the house, reporting
to Maggie and Liz. Senior workers have a N.V.Q Level III qualification
or are working towards one.

All our staff are highly trained in a wide variety of skills and disciplines
which include health and safety, first aid, manual handling, fire safety
and dementia care. All staff are invited to do N.V.Q training and, in
addition, attend courses relevant to our client group.

Fees Charged/Services Provided:
Our fees are agreed with Somerset County Council for Wellington
house and the Somerset Partnership for Longforth House.

We do not charge different rates for those people who are privately
funded, nor do we charge a ‘top up’ for the services outlined below.

Our fees include:

   o   Accommodation
   o   Meals, snacks and beverages
   o   Personal care 24 hours/day 7 days/week
   o   Fully trained staff
   o   Activities within the home and some external activities
   o   All laundry except dry cleaning

Key Terms of Contract:
Please ask Pat, our Administrator, for a copy of our Terms and
Conditions of Admission

Inspection Reports / User Surveys:
Copies are available on request.
Reports are available on line at

Philosophy of Care:
‘Something to do, someone to do it with and something to
look forward to’

Quality of Life is the key to enabling our residents to enjoy their time
with us. We will encourage our residents be involved in all the activities
of daily living, to make decisions about the running of the house and
the service they receive. Our aim is to provide a stimulating
environment and care which is centered around the person, their
wishes, aspirations and needs.

Our Client Group:
In general it is not our intention to extend our care in either house to
those people who have mental health problems as experience tells us
that these two groups of people find it very difficult to live comfortably
together. However, at the moment we have one person who is
diagnosed as having mental health problems. They are both happy
and settled at Wellington House and they will continue to live here until
the time comes when we can no longer meet their needs.

Wellington House
At Wellington House the care is provided for people over the age of 65
years who have a mental frailty but who do not need nursing care.

Admission to the home is by referral from our Specialist Liaison Nurse
Jacqui Cridge, who can be contacted at Foundation House on 01823

When a referral is made one of our management team will visit to
discuss whether the home can meet the person’s needs and

At Wellington House we aim to provide a home for as long as is
practical and we are able to meet the needs of a person.

We do not have the skills to meet the needs of those people who
require nursing care.

Longforth House
At Longforth House we will provide care and support for men and
women from the age of 40 years who have early onset dementia.

To maximise the quality of life for those who live at Longforth House we
will aim to admit people with different types and degrees of dementia
who will be able to live in harmony with each other. With this in mind
we do not see any one type of dementia dominating the client group of
the Home.

Range of Needs Met:
Our Service will primarily aim to meet the needs of those people with:
   Alzheimer’s disease
   Vascular dementia
   Frontotemporal dementia
   Alcohol related dementia
   Dementia with Lewy bodies

This will not exclude other types of dementia where we have the
appropriate skills to offer.

Regular reviews of care are held to which the resident, their relative or
advocate, a representative from Wellington House and healthcare
professionals may be invited.

Introductory Visits:
We offer prospective residents the opportunity to spend the day with
us, to meet and chat to the residents and staff and enjoy a meal and
view the home.

We also offer short visits for coffee, lunch etc. for those people who do
not wish to stay all day but would like to see the home.

Respite Care:
Respite Care is available all year round and can be booked through our
Liaison Nurse Jacqui Cridge at Foundation House – 01823 368468.

Jacqui will discuss the length of stay and dates. The Home has a
separate booklet for people coming in for respite.

Residents’ Rights:
The move into residential accommodation should not, in any way,
compromise the rights of our residents. We recognise and wish to
emphasis the following points:

The need to live in a communal setting and accept help with personal
care is inherently invasive of a person’s ability to enjoy the pleasure of
being alone and undisturbed. In order to retain as much privacy as
possible we will:

   o Provide and encourage people to use their rooms as their own
     personal space, to furnish them in their own style and use them
     as much as they wish for entertaining, meals and leisure.
   o Provide a lock on the bedroom door and also lockable space in
     the room for private possessions
   o Give personal and intimate help as discreetly as possible
   o Ensure confidentiality of any information that the home holds
     about the resident

Disability quickly undermines dignity so we will make every effort to
treat each resident as a respected and valued individual and help them
to express themselves through their clothing, personal appearance and
their activities.

It is important that people are able to retain their independence and:

   o Take reasonable risks
   o Carry out the tasks of daily living with minimal assistance
   o Contribute and have access to their care records.
   o Explore possibilities to establish and retain contacts outside the
   o Only use any form of restraint when it is essential for the safety
     of the resident or others..

Those who live at the Home have the rights of all citizens and we will
ensure that residents have the opportunity to:

   o Vote in elections
   o Have full and equal access to all elements of the NHS
   o Get assistance in claiming appropriate welfare benefits and
     social services
   o Have access to public services such as libraries, swimming
     pools, further education and learning opportunities
   o Contribute to society by taking on responsibilities within and
     beyond the home

Residents will get every assistance to exercise their right to choose in
the following ways by:

   o Being consulted in decisions being made about way in which the
     house is run by way of regular meetings between staff and
   o Providing a choice of where, when and with whom they consume
     the food and drink they have chosen
   o Offering a wide range of activities from which to choose
   o Minimising the use of timetables in the House and retain
     maximum flexibility in the routines of daily life.
   o Enabling residents to manage their own time

In addition to the above we want to help our residents to realise their
personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of their lives by
respecting their religious, ethnic and cultural diversity, helping to
maintain existing contacts and establish new ones and, above all, to
listen and respond to any residents desire to communicate at whatever
We will undertake to write down the life history of every resident to help
us to gain an understanding of that person.

We will always strive to achieve the highest levels of support and care.
However, in order to do this we must also look after those who chose to
work here.

With this in mind we have a policy of non-tolerance of violent or
aggressive behaviour towards staff by residents or their

Wellington House:

Accommodation provided is in 33 single rooms all but two of which
have en-suite facilities. The majority of rooms are on the ground and
first floor with two large rooms on the second floor. All the rooms are

spacious and residents are encouraged to bring along items of their
own furniture and other personal effects.

Room Sizes are attached at the back of this document (page 14)

The home benefits from large communal space and offers two lounges
both with sitting and dining areas. The South Lounge has a television
for the benefit of those who like to watch programmes.

The South garden can be accessed for this lounge and is a safe, sunny
area where residents can enjoy the outdoors.

There is also a small quiet room near to the reception area for use by
visiting relatives and friends and for some activities.

The North lounge is used very much as the main social hub of the
house and is where most of the activities take place as we feel that it is
important to offer our residents a busy and interesting environment.
There is a sunny patio off this lounge for use by the residents.

Longforth House:

We offer a homely environment where ten people can be
accommodated in single en-suite bedrooms.

Each bedroom will have its own walk in shower and, in addition, there
is an assisted bath on the first floor for those residents who need a little
more help of feel that they would prefer a bath.

All rooms are furnished to a high standard and have the benefit of a
work desk, telephone/computer point, flat screen TV and easy chair in
addition to the usual bedroom furniture

Rooms Sizes are as follows:

Ground Floor:           Room 1             5.10m x 3.30m
                        Room 2             5.10m x 3.30m
                        Room 3             5.10m x 3.30m

First Floor:            Room 4             5.10m x 3.30m
                        Room 5             5.10m x 3.30m
                        Room 6             5.10m x 3.30m

                       Room 7              5.10m x 3.70m
                       Room 8              5.30m x 3.40m
                       Room 9              5.30m x 3.40m
                       Room 10             5.30m x 3.40m

The main lounge has comfortable chairs and settees, a large flat
screen TV and games area. Leading from this is a sunny dining room
where residents can take their meals, sit and chat or do activities as
they wish.

A separate conservatory area may be used as a quiet room where
residents can receive visitors.

Smoking is only allowed outside in the facility provided. This is for the
benefit of those residents who do not smoke.

There is also an Activity Room situated on the back patio for use by

The house has a fully fitted kitchen which the residents will use under
supervision and help to prepare meals and snacks. There is a fully
equipped laundry where residents will be encouraged to do their own

We comply with all the requirements of the National Minimum
Standards for the physical environment of the home.

Personal and Healthcare

We aim to provide all personal care and in addition we are fortunate to
have the services of a community psychiatric nurse available to us
through the N.H.S. Somerset Partnership.

Residents will be registered with a local GP and they will provide the
same service that you would expect in your own home. We can
arrange this for you on arrival at the home.

The district nurse visits on a regular basis and again provides the same
service that you would get in your own home.

                                  - 10 -
In addition we have regular visits from the optician, dentist and
chiropodist. There is a charge for these services.

We have a small hairdressing salon in Wellington House which is
available at cost to residents or appointments can be made in the town
for haircuts.

If a resident wants to self-medicate and is safe to do so, then all help
and advice will be given. Otherwise all drugs will be managed by senior
staff and dispensed and ordered as instructed by the GP.

Social Activities and Leisure

We aim to help residents to continue to enjoy as wide a range of
activities and interests as possible both inside and outside the home, to
carry on existing hobbies, pursuits and perhaps try some new ones!

We encourage our residents to do many of the daily living tasks in the
home, assisted by our support workers when needed.

We recognize that not all activities can be risk free. Therefore we do
not aim to provide a totally risk free environment but will undertake risk
assessments as necessary to minimize unnecessary hazards. These
assessments will involve the resident, their relative or advocate and
health professionals as required.

Our proximity to the town enables us to include many simple pleasures
such as going for a cup of coffee, to buy a newspaper or just a walk to
the park.

Residents are welcome to attend religious services, either within or
outside the home as they desire.

If the service is outside the home we may ask that a relative or friend
accompanies the resident if they are not able to attend on their own. A
member of staff may accompany residents on occasion if staffing levels

Smoking and Alcohol

The home has a ‘Smoke Free’ policy which is available to all residents
and is in line with the Government’s Health Act 2006.

                                  - 11 -
However there are designated areas where residents may smoke
under supervision.

Alcohol is permitted at the Home by agreement with the manager

Consultation/Contact with Family and Friends

We want our residents to treat Wellington House as their home and, as
at home, visitors are welcome at any time.

We will try to consult with residents and their friends and relatives
about all aspects of the operation of the home and care provided. This
may be through care review meetings, informal discussions or more
formal group meetings as appropriate. Regular feedback will be sought
on the service we provide through questionnaires and discussions.

Each of the rooms in Longforth House has a telephone/computer point
which may be connected if required. Connection and bills for this line
would be paid for by the resident.

Residents have the right to refuse to see any visitor and this right will
be respected and upheld by the Manager or senior person on duty,
who will inform the visitors of the resident’s wishes if necessary.

Safety and Emergency Procedures

The home has a modern fire alarm (throughout the home) and sprinkler
system (at Longforth House only) fitted and fire safety signs are
displayed at strategic points throughout the building.

Staff are trained and updated regularly regarding fire prevention/drills
and fire systems are tested by staff weekly with records kept of these

The company has policies to deal with emergencies and safety issues.
In addition we employ the services of a Health and Safety consultant
who visits twice a year to update our policies and procedures.

These policies are available to anyone wishing to read them.

Concerns and Complaints.

A copy of our policy is attached for your convenience (page 13)
                                  - 12 -

Wellington House endeavours to maintain a cordial and harmonious relationship
with its employees, residents and relatives/visitors. However, if differences arise,
the Home feels that it is important that these differences are brought to our
attention in order that we can quickly resolve the issue(s).

All compliments, complaints, comments or concerns should be directed in the first
instance to the Manager or the Senior Person on Duty.

If an employee, resident, relative or visitor has a complaint or concern regarding
the care provided by the Home they should speak either to the Manager or Senior
Person on Duty who will try to resolve the matter and will give an answer within five
working days. This can be extended, if necessary, by mutual agreement between
the parties concerned.

If the complaint or concern remains unresolved, it may be referred to the Directors
of the Company at: Wellington House, Longforth Road, Wellington,
Somerset, TA21 8RH.

In the event that the complaint or concern remains unresolved after referral to the
Directors, the matter can be raised with the Registering Authority, whose address


      CQC National Correspondence, Citygate, Gallowgate, Newcastle-upon-
      Tyne, NE1 4PA

or    The Director of Social Services, Somerset County Council,
      Community directorate, County Hall, Taunton, Somerset TA1 4DY

or    The Somerset Partnership, Broadway House, Broadway Park, Barclay
      Street, Bridgewater, TA6 5YA

Please be assured that the Home takes all complaints or concerns seriously. No
employee, resident, relative/visitor shall be victimised for making a complaint or
raising a concern.

In the case that a complaint or concern is substantiated, an apology will be given
and action taken in order to prevent a re-occurrence.

Following a complaint about the loss of or damage to an employee, residents,
relatives/visitors property each case will be taken on its individual merits and
investigated and any appropriate action taken to rectify the situation.

                                        - 13 -

Ground Floor:

Bedroom No:     2    16.74 sq m            8    13.20 sq m
                3    14.30 sq m            9    15.08 sq m
                4    12.50 sq m            10   15.08 sq m
                5    11.80 sq m            11   15.08 sq m
                6    15.10 sq m            12   19.22 sq m
                7    14.50 sq m

First Floor:

Bedroom No:     14   13.20 sq m            25   15.08 sq m
                15   17.50 sq m            26   12.40 sq m
                16   12.60 sq m            27   14.00 sq m
                17   13.40 sq m            28   14.79 sq m
                18   11.25 sq m            29   14.79 sq m
                19   12.40 sq m            30   14.79 sq m
                20   12.43 sq m            31   19.06 sq m
                21   15.99 sq m            32   13.30 sq m
                22   13.00 sq m            33   12.20 sq m
                23   12.39 sq m
                24   12.35 sq m

Second Floor:

Bedroom No.     34   21.60 sq m
                35   15.75 sq m

                                  - 14 -
Important Addresses:

             Registration and Inspection Unit
              CQC National Correspondence, Citygate, Gallowgate, Newcastle-
              upon-Tyne, NE1 4PA

             The Director of Social Services, Somerset County Council,
              Community Directorate, County Hall, Taunton, Somerset TA1 4DY
              Tel: 0845 345 9166

             The Somerset Partnership, Broadway House, Broadway Park,
              Barclay Street, Bridgewater, Somerset TA6 5YA. Tel: 01278 720201

             Age Concern Advocacy & Welfare
              The Market House, Fore Street, Taunton, Somerset TA1 1JD
              Tel: 01823 326212

C:W&L:Resident Handbook November 2009

                                        - 15 -