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All About Beautiful Hotels In Switzerland


									Switzerland has great locations which boast natural beauty together with a number of
tourist temptations. It is blessed with different geographical patterns and a wonderful
blend of life-style, dialects, and cultures. Due to the beauty of this country, tourists
have termed it as "Heaven on the Earth". Some of the most famous tourist places
around Switzerland are Geneva, Zurich, Lucerne, and Zermatt. These scenic locations
attract numerous tourists every year.
 People from all over the World visit this lovely country every year. According to a
recent article, in the first quarter of the year the total number of visitors in Switzerland
was 9,338,416 with 5,064,110 overseas arrivals. Due to the high number of tourists
visiting the country every year, the hotels in Switzerland offer some of the best
amenities to their guests at really competitive rates. Some of the best hotels in
Switzerland are:

 Wellenberg Swiss Quality Hotel: This 4-star boarding house is a traditional building
whose upper floors have been converted into a modern hotel. Italian cuisines are
offered to the guests and the hotel has also got a self-service bar where visitors can
relax. Guests can also spend time at the courtyard terrace which features a fountain
and 2 onsite cinemas where international films are mostly projected. Staying at the
Wellenberg Swiss Quality Hotel will enable you to easily visit many tourist attractions
and landmarks such as Schipfe, Niederdorf, and Rathaus Zurich. The hotel, also offers
other amenities like laundry service and onsite tour desk with shuttle service to its

 Hotel Suisse: This beautiful hotel is located in the heart of Geneva, one of the
principal financial centers of Switzerland. Here you will find spacious and well
furnished rooms which are beautifully decorated. The best thing is that with the city's
main train station located just opposite to the hotel, communication for the guests
becomes quite easy. The hotel is also quite close to the Old Town, where you can find
a cozy and friendly atmosphere with numerous shops which are a treat to the shoppers.
Other amenities for the guests include bar and restaurant facilities, diversified
continental breakfast and a business center for official meetings.

 Here you will find that booking hotel rooms has become easy and more convenient.
Online booking is also useful as there are no extra charges for amendment or
cancellation of reservations.
 If you are looking for beautiful and affordable hotels in Switzerland, just visit

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