Alex- the Dual Screen eReader by Spring Design by hkksew3563rd


									The Alex definitely isn't amongst the big three (Nook, Kindle and Sony) with regards
to the eReader market however it is certainly outstanding because of its design and
functionality. From your preliminary view the first thing that enters your mind is that
it undoubtedly has a few extra tricks up its sleeve. After that your thoughts go to a
more familiar eReader which appears to be very similar. Then you have a light bulb
moment and think "oh" it's for navigating the eReader the same as in the Nook". Hang
out with the Alex and you will probably notice that you are in for a delight.
  Whenever they designed the Alex, Spring Design quite possible visualized a hip
student and her/his wants on a day to day basis. We're speculating that the designers
probably interviewed this demographic more than any other. While looking at the
Alex one cannot deny that it is eye candy. It looks elegant with its dual screens, lends
an air of "coolness" for the all-black models and "crispness" for its all-white one. This
eReader has two displays: an EPD and a 3.5-in LCD. The good sized LCD display is
the main reason the eReader is significantly longer than its other competitors. With
the dimensions at 4.5 x 8.9 x .6 inches it may not fit into a compact handbag but it
will lie comfortably in a school or college student's backpack. Weighing 16 oz. it
might appear heavy for an eReader but I'm sure the extra functions will make the
additional weight worthwhile. The primary screen is like any normal eReader at 6
inches long; E Ink technology ensures great readability in artificial as well as natural
light. The secondary LCD screen is an Android powered 16-bit color touch screen.
Not everyone is crazy about the device's ergonomics because it only has a sole
forward page turn button and one backward button as well, one on each side of the
reader. This makes making use of it challenging when reading single handedly.
  The features that the Android supported LCD screen brings to the table are
multimedia and browsing capabilities. You can watch news clips, movies, Flash
videos or MP4s. Listen to music, news broadcasts and lectures while you read
utilizing the built-in MP3 media player and speakers, or plug in earphones to listen in
private. The fact that you can browse the internet while simultaneously using the
eReader screen is fantastic. Another feature is its energy saving settings. Unlike other
readers that have a colored screen and whose battery life is only a couple of hours
long, the Alex enables you to read offline for up to 2 weeks. The one problem is the
price, a hefty $399! This high price would hinder a prospective buyer mainly because
if he or she adds another hundred dollars they would purchase an iPad. In our opinion,
for the Alex to be high on a teenager's Christmas list would not be unheard of;but for
the parents to spend the money to purchase them one is another story!
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