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					One of the most popular hobbies that most people play today especially teenagers is
Airsoft. Airsort is the replica of military and terrorist. And, one of the most important
gears that you need to have in this game is airsoft gun. This is similar with paintball
but the only difference they have is the bullet they use. Airsoft uses pellets as bullets,
unlike paintball uses paintballs. Airsoft guns, because of the advance technology that
we have, are a replica of real guns. They even weigh close to real guns. That’s why
airsoft guns are band in other country because other people take advantage of it which
they use it to do crimes.
 But then, for your personal use for your game, there are a lot of airsoft guns that you
can choose from. From pistols to high powered airsoft gun. One of the latest today is
the RAP4 which very high powered airsoft gun. Airsoft guns can actually be bought
anywhere in the market. You could also buy them at gun stores. Airsoft game is also
played by teams and also has its rules that players need to follow. There is also an
arbiter that decides who won the game and does the time.
 Similar with paintball, airsoft also has their specific safety gears since this pellet
could really be painful much worse compared to paintball. Because of high power, the
pellet could go inside your skin if you don’t have any protection gear. Airsoft gears
are really similar to the gears of real military. They also have their vest, mask, hat,
gloves, boots, and camouflage in their face. This will help you hide or camouflage
yourself during the game.
 This game also requires skills, team work and strategies. Your team must come up
with the plan on how to attack your opponent. You need to watch each others back.
There should be a leader in your team to lead you and give you instruction so there
would no confusion. Each member should cooperate and stick with the plan. This will
help you win the game. Be attentive; use your senses for your safety.

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