How to Bring Fair Trade Certified Coffee to Your by smithhaleey


									                 FAIR TRADE: THE TIME IS NOW
       How to Bring Fair Trade Certified Coffee and Teas to a school,
         workplace, hair salon, congregation or community center.

 Fair Trade has never been more important to the
 world’s producers of coffee, tea, sugar,
 chocolate and crafts. Fair Trade guarantees
 producers a living wage and that the
 environment is protected in production..
 Hundreds of thousands of producers are
 counting on us to help them move from poverty
 to building sustainable communities.

Here are some tips for helping an organizational switch to Fair Trade:

      First, educate yourself about Fair Trade.
      Identify the person in the institution that makes the decision about purchasing
       consumables or office gifts.
      Learn what coffee, teas, sugar or other products the organization currently uses. What is
       the price? How much does it use? Does the organization use an institutional coffee
       service? If so, does that service offer a Fair Trade option? If they do not, see if they
       would consider carrying it. Review the list of fair trade suppliers from Chicago Fair
      Develop a Fair Trade education plan, especially for those empowered to make these
       decisions. Chicago Fair Trade can provide you with resources. The plan might include:
            A film followed by a speaker
            A Fair Trade coffee and tea tasting
            Literature display in the kitchen/break room
            A petition requesting fair trade that would enable you to document how much
                support you have in the institution.
      Sit down with the decision-maker and present your request. Remember to bring the
       petition, information about Fair Trade, and a detailed plan for how to get Fair Trade
       coffee, tea, sugar, chocolate or corporate gifts at that institution. Be sure to include an
       institutional announcement of the decision and a way to inform the public that fair trade
       is being used.

We’re here to help you! If you need help developing your strategy or in setting up a Fair
Trade event, contact Erica Lee at Chicago Fair Trade, 312-212-1760 or


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