How to make a newspaper

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					Hometown Hero Newspaper Story                       Microsoft Word

I.     Getting Started
       A. Go to your home directory and open a new Microsoft Word Document.
       B. Name this document and open it.

II.    Making a Banner
       A. Use the centering tool to position your cursor in the center of the page.
       B. Type your banner.
       C. Resize your text and change the font to make it fit the page
       D. Go to the next line and move the cursor to the right margin
       E. Type the Date (20 years from now)
       F. Change the year to become 20 years from now
       G. Use the line tool at the bottom of the page to draw a line across the page
       H. Resize your line and format to an appropriate weight
       I. Press return

III.   Making Two
       A. From the insert
          menu choose
       B. In the dialogue
          box that
          follows, choose
       C. Below the
          section break, click on the columns button and drag so “two” are highlighted. You will now have one
          column above the break and two below it. Be careful not to lose this formatting.