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After Effects of Liposuction by hkksew3563rd


									Scientific advancement has considerably reduced the side effects of liposuction which
are now very minor. Nevertheless certain complications may occur based on the
health and age of the patient, the amount of fat removed and the choice of anesthesia
  Bruising and swelling usually occur after the surgery. Bruising of the genitals is
common in males and females after abdominal liposuction. To avoid this,
compression garment is worn by the patient for two to four weeks which allows for
the use of bandages. Swelling of arms and legs is very common but vanishes mostly
within weeks. Other than these scars may appear on the body but it depends on the
individual and the particular procedure applied. Usually it is healed quickly but for
some patients it may take even a year. Patient also suffers from numbness of the body.
When too much volume of fat is removed from one particular area it causes skin to
become irregular and asymmetrical especially in older patients whose skin tones are
less elastic.
  Sometimes a spot appears on the surface of the skin which happens because the
cannula damages the tissue beneath the skin. Nerve damage occurs in almost 6% of
the patients. It is a result of damage to sensory nerves and causes aching. However it
heals on its own and does not require any additional treatment. The use of cannula
also creates friction burns to skin. Especially when ultrasound assisted mechanism is
used the heat from ultrasound device can injure the skin.
  When red blood cells and the serum they hold; leak from the blood vessels that are
injured, hematomas and seromas can transpire and can further lead to formation of
pools under the skin. It can be prevented if there is considerable drainage of incisions.
Some people have a problem of pigmentation and those who have more pigments
should be informed about this risk before they decide about liposuction. For people
who have less pigment, problem of hyper pigmentation will normally lasts for 4-6
  Epinephrine is considered and used as local anesthetic solution during surgery. This
can cause rapid heart rate during and after surgery. Hence patients are recommended
to not to use drugs and cold medications such as epinephrine before liposuction.
  Another complication which may occur after the cosmetic surgery is pulmonary
embolism which happens when fats enters the blood via blood vessels and causes
blockage in lungs or travel to the brain. The symptom is difficult breathing and must
be treated immediately after being realized. It can be fatal and can cause permanent
  Also during liposuction physician is unable to see where the cannula is injected.
Hence the damage of internal organs is likely to occur e.g. intestines may b punctured
during abdominal liposuction. When such damage occurs to organs additional surgery
is required to repair them. Another problem which occurs because of carelessness of
physician during the process is fluid imbalances. Some times large amounts of fluid
are injected into the body which can cause serious heart or kidney problems.
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