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					Afshin Taghechian is ceo of Traders International, a business devoted to providing
market and trading education for investors. Recognized as a number one expert in
market and trading schooling, Afshin Taghechian has continued to carry out training
seminars that teach trading and cash management principles for inexperienced
investors and experienced traders alike. His company, Traders International, promotes
his proven technique that he calls the Traders International Market Expert System or
TIMES. The TIMES method has demonstrated its effectiveness and productivity in
market investing both for short term and the long haul and has been recognized by
various market and traders' publications such as Stock, Futures and Options, Futures
magazine, Traders World Magazine (Editor's Choice Award), Investors Business Daily,
Forbs, Inc 500 and Stocks and Commodities magazines among the best ranked
strategies for trading these days.

After getting his degree in Business and cutting his teeth in the trading market, Afshin
Taghechian showed a keen insight into the complexities of technical analysis. After
proving to be a very effective day trader, Afshin Taghechian found himself providing
his daytrading tactics to close friends and acquaintances who sought his guidance in
their own transactions. After arranging his vast understanding in money organization,
trading experience and comprehension into what would later be processed in to the
Traders International Market Expert System, Afshin Taghechian launched the Traders
International Company in 1998. Afshin Taghechian now incorporates financial
instructor and trader teaching innovator to his already strong track record. These days
he routinely conducts workshops both personally and in on-line real time for traders
from many walks of life. Afshin Taghechian is a sought-after presenter in all elements
of trading and has conducted many workshops around the world. This has earned a
slew of accolades for both Traders International and his revolutionary Traders
International Market Expert System.

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