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									                             UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA
                         EMERGENCY MEDICINE 2010-2011
                     “WHAT EVERY RESIDENT NEEDS TO KNOW “


   I.      Thursday morning

Grand Rounds (9-10am)
 Presented to the department of EM during one-hour session
 Goal: evidence-based update/review on a topic in EM
 Should be at the level of a emergency medicine conference presentation
 Remember these take MONTHS to prepare, so start early!
 All CCFP-EM residents will be scheduled to present ONE Grand Rounds per academic
 You are responsible to find a staff person to act as your supervisor (can be your mentor,
   a staff with expertise in your particular topic, a staff involved in the case) with whom to
   review the topic & the objectives/outlines for your talk

AHD - Academic “Half” Day (10:00am-1pm)
 Thursday at 10:00 am, location Civic Campus DEM Conf Rm. EM197
 Over the summer, NO grand rounds, so half day is from 9am to 12pm
 ALL residents are expected to attend unless post-call/ night-shift, or scheduled holidays.
  You return to clinical duty for the afternoon. Academic Day is mandatory and
  attendance will be reflected in your monthly evaluations.
 On off-service rotations, program co-ordinators are aware of our academic schedule,
  however you may need to inform your specific staff & resident supervisors (ie make sure
  you’re not on call Wed night, and let them know that you are not available Thurs am).
  This is your responsibility to ensure as soon as you get the call schedule.
 ‘A’ rounds are organized for CCFP-EM residents
 PGY-1 to PGY-5 years will cover a 2-year rotating curriculum of core topics in
  emergency medicine (‘B’ rounds)
 Some academic half day sessions will include the entire resident group (‘C’ rounds)

Resident Case Rounds (AKA “10-slide presentation”)
 These will take place every Thurs before Grand Rounds. 8:30-9:30
 ALL residents will be scheduled to present at least one resident case rounds per year
 Short (ten slide maximum), (not fancy) power point presentation, on an interesting case
   you have been involved in
 This is NOT intended to be a review of the literature, GR, M&M, etc
 What makes a case interesting? Unusual presentation/diagnosis, interesting diagnostic
   imaging/ECG/labs/US, challenging management, ethical dilemmas, etc.

Practice Orals Examinations (8am-9am)
 8 – 9am every Thursday
 Chief Resident will schedule 2 residents PGY1-4 from Oct-Dec and CCFP PGY3 from
   Jan – June
   If you are scheduled for practice orals, you are not expected to attend resident
    case rounds

M&M Rounds
 Presented by staff and senior residents once a month, instead of Grand Rounds

    II.      Journal Club
   Scheduled monthly during the academic year (usually the 3rd Wednesday of the month)
    ALL CCFP residents will likely be scheduled to present 2 times per academic year
   A list of articles will be made available to you, first come first serve…so pick early
   If you have an article that you wish to review, please submit it to Dr Stiell for approval
    prior to selection
   Guidelines for article review, based on type of article (i.e diagnosis, treatment, etc) will
    be distributed to you

    III.   Teaching Shifts
   Clinical teaching session for a group of medical students
   You may be scheduled for these during your TOH ED rotations, maximum two per block
   They will be scheduled in lieu of a clinical shift
   Dr. Brian Weitzman will give a detailed talk re: the goals of these sessions, teaching
    advice, resources available, etc

    IV.    Scholarly Projects
   All PGY 3’s are expected to complete a scholarly project, to be presented at the DEM
    Annual Research Day in June.
   Dr Ian Stiell will be giving a detailed presentation this summer…stay tuned!
   deadlines:
                      September – select topic
                      November – present project plan
                      December – ethics approval
                      March – finish data collection
                      May – finish data analysis


Program Directors
Avik Nath is PD of the CCFP(EM) program. In the FRCP program, PGY-1 and PGY-
2 years are supervised primarily by Kari Sampsel. The PGY-3 to PGY-5 years are
primarily supervised by Steve Choi. If one of the PD’s is unavailable for whatever
reason, do not hesitate to contact another program director for pressing matters.

 You are responsible for choosing your own mentor. Let your Program Director know so
  he can confirm your pick.
 Your selection of mentor can be based on academics, life interests, personal needs, etc.

Educational Funding Allowance
 There is an availability of a maximum of $1,000 for claims related to educational
   activities and expenses regarding your Emergency Medicine training (i.e. conference
   registration fees, travel, text book purchases etc.)
   Claims submitted to Denise Angus, keep your receipts!

Holiday Requests
    Annual leave:
     - 20 days of vacation
     - 7 days of Conference leave
     - 2 float days
    Forms available from DEM website
    All leave requests must be submitted 4 weeks prior to any given block to Lise, at which
     time she will send to appropriate programs.
    Please note the spring deadline for all leave requests is March 1, 2011
    The official rule is one week holiday per block although the schedulers do try to be as
     flexible as they can with the emergency residents if extended leaves are requested.
     Please don’t take time off anesthesia, which is split into 2 weeks each of peds and
    DO NOT make travel plans until your leave request has been granted.

Absence due to illness – When on E.D. rotation it is your responsibility to call the EP on duty
and let Lise know of your absence.

Switch in Rotations
 Changes to the rotation plan are generally discouraged.
 Any requests must be submitted to Lise at least 10 weeks prior to any given block for
   Program Director approval.

    Are all done online (one45)
    You must receive an evaluation for each block.
    Don’t forget to complete an evaluation of each rotation
    In the ED – at shift end staff will sit with you and provide written (paper or online) daily
    Dr. Nath (PD) will meet with all CCFP residents 2 weeks into their TOH ER rotation for
     a mid-rotation evaluation to discuss any concerns and again at the end of your rotation
     for your final ‘ITER” evaluation
    For any concerns regarding any off-service rotation, please contact Dr. Nath
     immediately to try and resolve the issue

   Please keep Lise informed of any address change (contact info)
   Questions regarding Lab coats, ID Badges, Parking, Pagers etc, contact Monique
    Beaulne’s Office 613-737-8473
   Resident Area at Civic Campus, Room EM-206 (mailboxes and lockers)

Website –
Username: Emerg
Password: Triage01

Events 2010-2011
Please note the important dates template in your calendar! This is posted on the

                                  Contact Information
Lise Levesque, Postgraduate Coordinator
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Ottawa / The Ottawa Hospital - Civic Campus
1053 Carling Ave., Room EM-206
Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 4E9
Tel: 798-5555 ext. 18649, Fax: 613-761-5488

Dr Avik Nath
CCFP Program Director
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Ottawa / The Ottawa Hospital
Civic Campus, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 4E9

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