Affordable Kentucky Individual Health Insurance

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					Most Kentucky residents get health insurance through an employer-sponsored group
health plan. If you do not come under such a plan, that’s when you should consider
finding affordable Kentucky individual health insurance to cover yourself and your
family. Individual and family health insurance plans are available for newborns on up
to the seniors at age 65, self-employed and unemployed persons and students.
  Selecting an Affordable Health Insurance Plan
  Insurance companies offer different kinds of private individual health insurance
plans for Kentucky residents. These include indemnity health insurance
(fee-for-service), HMO (health maintenance organization) plans, PPO (preferred
provider organization) plans, POS (point-of-service) plans, and HSA (health savings
account) plans. A greater choice of doctors and hospitals usually means that a plan
will cost more.
  Leading insurance companies offering affordable health insurance in Kentucky
include Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and United. They offer various kinds
of policies depending on the kind of coverage you need and the state of your health. A
health plan would cost more for a person with health issues. However, according to
recent legislation, individuals cannot be denied health insurance because of a
pre-existing condition.
  The best way to find an affordable Kentucky health plan is first see how much
premium you can afford to pay and then look for a plan that meets your budget as
well as the health needs of your family. You need to compare the quotes for the plans
from various health insurance companies. Premiums differ for different kinds of
individual health plans. Besides traditional health coverage and HSA-qualified High
Deductible Health Plans, it would be helpful if there is a provision to add on optional
benefits such as dental, life and supplemental accident coverage for an additional cost.
  Get Professional Advice
  Professional companies that represent leading insurance providers in Kentucky offer
expert guidance on selecting the right kind of health insurance plan. They can help
you get quotes and compare them to get affordable individual Kentucky health