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We are so excited you have chosen to use our materials for beginning your own wonderful 11
Day celebration in your community. Before you dive into the resources on this CD, please take a
moment to read through this document. It will provide a little history about 11 Days of Global
Unity: A Season of Interfaith Celebration, and a list of the contents of the CD. It also includes
detailed instructions for the resources that you can customize for your own community and

This year from September 11 (Unity World Day of Prayer) through September 21 (United
Nations International Day of Peace), Unity School of Christianity, the Association of Unity
Churches International, and the Association for Global New Thought will join in a worldwide
celebration of oneness. They are joining with hundreds of other organizations collaborating
under the umbrella “We, The World.” Beginning with Unity World Day of Prayer and
continuing through to the UN International Day of Peace, Unity is inviting participation in events
for celebrating oneness and healing our world. For 11 days, through workshops, inspirational
talks, interfaith prayer ceremonies, concerts, special events, dances and discussions, Unity will
expand the possibilities of what we can do, by partnering with like-minded organizations to
affirm, create and celebrate the dawning of a new era of global peace, transformational healing
and sustainable living.

In 2004 We, The World ( ) launched 11 Days of Global Unity as a
breakthrough platform for linking local awareness and action campaigns into an inspiring
international movement for peace, sustainability and transformation. Supporters of the launch
included Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu and 11 Days Honorary Co-Chairs
Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra, Irene Khan (Secretary General of Amnesty International),
Marianne Williamson, John McConnell (the original Founder of Earth Day), Hazel Henderson,
Ervin Laszlo, Jonathan Granoff, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Robert Thurman, Sally Fisher, Riane
Eisler, Lynne Twist, Paul Winter, Nina Meyerhof, and New York City Councilman Alan J.

Annually, 11 Days includes more than 700 concerts, festivals, Web casts, and many other
activities, in more than 60 countries around the world. By combining artistic presentations,
inspiration, consciousness-raising and social actions, 11 Days embodies the strategy of Inspire,
Inform and Involve to create a world that works for all.

We invite you to keep us informed of the activities planned at your church or community by
visiting our Web site at We also ask that you document your events
with pictures to share with us to create a video to share with the world. From the Web site you
can also see what other communities are doing and feel connected with the global family in
Celebrating Oneness, Healing the World.

What’s on the CD?
Please take a few minutes and look carefully through the CD to familiarize
yourself with the contents of this CD.
While a complete description of every file is not included in this document, many are self-
explanatory, so please remember to look carefully through all the information and familiarize
yourself before proceeding. It will help you have an easy and graceful experience.

There are five folders:

01 Artwork & Logos – This includes the 11 Days logo, as well as logos for Unity, the
Association of Unity Churches International and the Association for Global New Thought. There
is also a folder that includes JPEG images of interfaith symbols.

02 Print Materials – This folder contains some of the same materials in the CUSTOMIZE
folder, but without room to imprint your own information.

One of the files provides excellent information if you are interested in creating an Interfaith
Celebration in your own church or community.

Another PDF file is a brochure of 11 Days of Peace Prayers. This brochure is 8.5x14 size (legal
paper), two-sided, and suitable for printing and distributing for use throughout the 11 days.
To print this document:
   o Don‟t just press the „printer‟ icon on your toolbar
   o Rather, go to the menu and select „file‟ and then „print‟ to open the print dialogue box
   o You will see a poplist (pull-down menu) labeled „Page Scaling‟. It is probably set to
        something like „Shrink to Printable Area‟. Open the poplist and choose „None‟.
   o Be sure there is 8.5x14 legal size paper loaded in your printer.
   o Click on Print.

There is a PDF file for Peace Cards. These are standard size business cards, 3.5x2 inches, and are
designed so that you can print 10 on one sheet of 8.5x11 paper. Because they are two-sided
printing you will want to find an Avery Business Card Template at your local office supply store
that is suitable for 10 up on one sheet AND allows two-sided printing. The 03 Customizable
Print Materials Folder includes a template for these cards that allows you to customize the
business cards with your own information.

Print as many as you like and give them away! Encourage people to affirm what is on the back
side of the card not just for 11 days, but everyday!

03 Customizable Print Materials – These are our print materials with space for you to print
your own business or personal information. Please read through these instructions carefully
before starting as we are also committed to being good stewards of paper use! 

   How to Customize Print Materials
   1) Open the folder named „Customizable Print Materials‟
   2) You will see pairs of files in this folder, one ending in „.pdf‟ and one ending in „.doc‟.
   3) Open the .pdf file
   4) Print a copy of the .pdf
         a. Don‟t just press the „printer‟ icon on your toolbar
         b. Rather, go to the menu and select „file‟ and then „print‟ to open the print dialogue
         c. You will see a poplist labeled „Page Scaling‟. It is probably set to something like
             „Shrink to Printable Area‟. Open the poplist (pull-down menu) and choose
         d. Click on Print.
   5) Go back to the folder named „Customizable Print Materials‟
   6) Open the .doc file that has the same name as the .pdf file you just printed
   7) You will see a text box that has placeholders for your church name, address, and url.
       Edit this text putting in your church‟s information.
   8) Place the printed copy of the .pdf file in your printer so that you can print on top of the
       image that has already been printed.
   9) Print the .doc file. If you receive a dialogue box regarding the margins, simply go ahead
       and print. This is not relevant to the document you are printing.
   10) This will print your customized church information onto the pre-printed pdf file.
   11) Use a color copier to create as many copies as you like.

   There is also a document called 11Days-PressRelease.doc which is a simple MS Word file
   that you can open and edit to add your church specific information before printing and
   distributing it. There is no .pdf version of this file.

04 Multimedia – This folder has a document that includes information and links to over 50
organizations that have been identified as potential partners for events and activities as well as
resources for our churches.
       There is a song about peace and global unity, Fine Line, written by Richard Mekdeci,
Sacred Music Resources Coordinator for the Association of Unity Churches International and
President & Co-Founder of Itoi Ministries,

      Finally, there is a movie file. This is a wonderful 7-minute film trailer provided by The
Pachamama Alliance. It will introduce you to this organization and how you can host an
“Awakening the Dreamer, Change the Dream Symposium,” an easy way to engage your
community in positive social action. Here‟s some background from The Pachamama Alliance:

       Indigenous people of South America, who still live in their traditional Earth-honoring
       ways, refer to our modern worldview as our "dream" and have urged us, for the sake of
       all life, to "change the dream of the North." Well, it appears that changing this collective
       dream of ours will be a do-it-yourself-together project. It will be accomplished by
       committed individuals working in concert with one another, tens of millions of us, each
       willing to think and act in a whole new way.

       This is one of the generating principles behind the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the
       Dream Symposium. The Symposium explores the link between three of humanity's most
       critical concerns: environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfillment.
       Using video clips from some of the world's most respected thinkers, along with inspiring
       short films, leading edge information and dynamic group interactions, the Symposium
       allows participants to gain a new insight into the very nature of our time, and the
       opportunity we have to shape and impact the direction of our world with our everyday
       choices and action.

       The aim of the Symposium is not merely to learn more about the world, but to grapple
       and come to grips with the very assumptions that underlie the way we ourselves see the
       world and our place in it, and with what each of us can do - both individually and
       cooperatively - to move the world in this new direction.

        The .MOV file on the CD is quite large, however it is perfectly suited to view on an
overhead screen in a large room, if needed. We recommend you download it to your computer
before running it. If you find the .MOV file won‟t run simply by double clicking on it you may
need a free software program called QuickTime. You can download it for free by visiting this
URL: You will be taken through a step-by-step

05 Youth & Family Ministry –Included in this folder are curricula for the three Sundays that
surround this 11-day event. The curricula have been well thought out, prayerfully considered and
joyfully provided for use with your own Youth and Family Ministry. There are lesson plans and
activities that have been designed to help our children align thoughts, feelings and actions with
global unity. Feel free to use and share them.

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