How to make an owl mask - Download as DOC by smithhaleey


									                         Make an owl mask
    Why not make a spooky owl mask for Halloween. Use your imagination and
    see how many of your friends you can scare!

    You will need:

    Mask Templates (You can print              Scissors
    these on your computer)
    Cardboard (cardboard for a
    cereal packet would be great!)             Blue-tack.

    Elastic to tie mask on                     Feathers, bits of paper, colouring
                                               pens, anything that will be good
    Glue                                       for decorating your mask

Instructions – have a handy adult ready to help with the hard or boring bits!

  1. Use the templates to make your basic mask shape. Either draw around the

     template onto cardboard or print it directly onto your cardboard.

  2. Cut out your mask template. You may need an

     adult to help you, especially with cutting out the


                          3. Use the pencil to punch a hole in the correct place for

                             your elastic. Put the blue-tack underneath where you

                             are going to punch for safety. Again an adult may be

     useful at this point. (Point – ha, ha get it!)
4. Tie your elastic through the holes and make

  sure that it is the right size for your head.

  (Too large and it will fall off, too small and it

  will squeeze your head making your eyes
                                                                   Too tight!

                  5. Now you are ready to glue on the beak. Using the template

                    cut out the beak shape and colour it in if you need to.

                  6. Fold the beak shape down the middle.

7. Glue onto the template in the places shown.

8. Now you can decorate your mask anyway you like. Why not have a realistic

  owl, for example a brown one for a Tawny Owl or a White One for a Snowy

  Owl. Or, if you are feeling creative make a Disco Owl with every colour you

  can think of!

                                                      9. Remember: If you are

                                                        using glue let the mask dry

                                                        before you try it on – it

                                                        has been known for people

                                                        to accidentally glue their

                                                        masks to their head!

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