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International PartTime Coursework Masters


									                         International Islamic University Malaysia
                              Student Unit – Finance Division
                        Master Programme By Coursework (Part Time) – International
                                                                                 International        International
                                              ENTRANCE FEES
                                       (ONCE IN DURATION OF STUDY)                                     Direct – Part
                                                                                       RM                   RM

                              Orientation                                                    120.00           120.00

                              Alumni                                                              -           100.00

                              Registration                                                    30.00              30.00

                              Student Identification card                                     60.00              60.00

                              Medical check-up                                                    -                  -

                              English and Arabic Placement Test                                   -           200.00*

                              TOTAL ENTRANCE FEES                                           210.00            510.00

                                                            * Each paper is RM100.00

Master Programme By      Tuition Fee     Recurrent          Hostel        Total (RM)              RECURRENT ACADEMIC         AMOUNT
    Coursework -            (RM)       Academic Fees        Fees*                                    FEES DETAILS             (RM)
    International                          (RM)              (RM)
                                                                                                  Examination                      25.00
Pre-Sessional                600.00              255.00     1,260.00              2,115.00        Library                         100.00
Laws                         625.00              255.00     1,260.00              2,140.00        Co-curricular Activities         50.00
                                                                                                  & Transport.
Economics                    575.00              255.00     1,260.00              2,090.00        Medical Facilities                     -
Islamic Revealed             575.00              255.00     1,260.00              2,090.00        Welfare fund                        2.50
Knowledge & Human
Information                                                                                       Insurance                           2.50
- MMIS                        775.00             255.00     1,260.00              2,290.00
- MLIS                        775.00             255.00     1,260.00              2,290.00
Engineering                 1,000.00             255.00     1,260.00              2,515.00        Computer Fee                     75.00
Architecture                1,050.00             255.00     1,260.00              2,565.00        RELATED FEES                   255.00
Science                     1,000.00             255.00     1,260.00              2,515.00
Medicine                    2,975.00             255.00     1,260.00              4,490.00
Pharmacy                    1,000.00             255.00     1,260.00              2,515.00
Nursing                     2,975.00             255.00     1,260.00              4,490.00
Allied Health Science       1,000.00             255.00     1,260.00              2,515.00
Education                    575.00              255.00     1,260.00              2,090.00
Dentistry                   2,975.00             255.00     1,260.00              4,490.00

* Postgraduate staying inside undergraduate room will be charged RM600.00 and usrah room RM500.00

Version 1.1.1 Effective Semester 1 2005/2006

1.    All outstanding fees should be FULLY settled at least two (2) weeks before pre-registration period, otherwise students will be barred
      from registering for the coming semester and seeing their examination result.

2.    Entrance Fee will not be refunded in the event the student withdraws from the University.

3.    The Tuition Fee and Related Fees paid will be refunded as follows in the event of withdrawal or study leave:

           a.        90% refund – From first day up to first month.
           b.        60% refund – From first month up to the second month.
           c.        No refund – After second month of semester.

4.    For short semester, the fee charge is half of normal Related Fees. No Tuition Fee will be charged during short semester.

5.    A registered student who is doing an independent study has to pay 30% of the normal Tuition Fee charged.

6.    Part-time Postgraduates who apply for extension of study period will be imposed a recurring fee of RM250.00 per each semester

7.    Discount Rate for less than 12 credit hours :

      A discount rate is to be given to those Postgraduates who are doing coursework and registering less than 12 credit hours. The discount
      rate is as follows:

                     a. More than 6 credit hours : normal tuition fee
                     b. 6 credit hours or less: 50% of normal tuition fee

8.    Audit Fees :

      Postgraduates are charged the following fees for any subjects audited:

      a.   50% of normal tuition fee – applicable if all subjects registered for the semester are audited
      b.   Normal tuition fee – applicable if the audit subject is registered with non-audited subjects

9.    Pre-requisite Subjects :

      Postgraduates are charged the following fees structure for pre-requisite:

      a.   The fee charged would be equivalent to the Undergraduate fees. In the event the Postgraduate has registered a mixture of pre-
           requisite and core subjects in a semester, then the calculation of fees will derived from the breakdown of credit hours taken for pre-
           requisite and core subjects.

10. Payment can be made by means of:

                a.       Money order, bank draft or cheque and should be made payable to ”Finance Director International Islamic
                         University Malaysia”
                b.       Bank in directly into the University’s account at any Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad branches at the following
                         account number:


     A copy of the bank-in slip should be forwarded to the Student Unit of Finance Division for recording of payment. If there is no
                                          submission, it is assumed no payment has been made.

      11. The University has the right to revise the fees without notification.

      12. Any inquiries can be made to 03-6196 5941/5943/5944/5945.
Version 1.1.1 Effective Semester 1 2005/2006

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