Advantages of Led Lightbar

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					The purpose of this article is to capture the advantages and disadvantages of the led
lightbar. The light bar is popularly used by police officers for their law enforcement
and this has drastically changed the effectiveness with which police vehicles respond
to emergencies
  The led lightbar has taken the world of lighting by storm and there are numerous
advantages that have been attributed to this lightbar. A led lightbar uses light emitting
diodes to produce an impressive flashing light. The flash is replicated a number of
times per second giving it an impressive light quality that cannot be seen on any other
type of lightbar. A led lightbar is not only able to flash numerous times; it also gives
an impressive array of flash patterns. This is perfect especially for light bars that are
being used on emergency vehicles as they can be seen from a larger distance than was
before possible.
  A led lightbar uses little energy, which is another plus for this new technology. They
are able to conserve energy, which is very important especially today. If they are using
a battery pack, this means that the battery packs need to be replaced less often thus
saving time. A led lightbar can also be configured to flash in a number of ways and
display a number of patterns. These patterns can be chosen by the user or come as
factory settings. This light bar does not produce a lot of heat, a factor that makes it
environmentally friendly. This also reduces the risk of the operator burning
themselves on the light bar or setting nearby material on fire.
  A led light bar is also open to manipulation. It can be made into any size and this
will not affect the brightness or quality of light. This has proven particularly important
for light bars that need to be made portable. A led light bar can also be mounted on
almost any surface which lends its use to many different situations. The newer led
light bar is shock resistant, which means you can drop them from a considerable
height and they will still work. This also means that even when the vehicle is on a
bumpy road, the led lightbar will still work effectively.
  On the other hand, there are drawbacks that are associated with a led lightbar. First, a
led lightbar is expensive, which may prevent people on a tight budget from enjoying
what the lightbar has to offer. Since there are cheaper alternative that work almost as
well as led lightbar, people have chosen the cheaper light bars thus undermining the
popularity of led bar. The led bar also has very limited uses for its use in the home.
Since the light emitted by led lightbar is very directional, it would require numerous
light bars to light up a whole house. This is both extremely expensive and impractical.
  led lightbar has not made its way to all towns which means access to them is fairly
limited. Since there is not much use for lightbar in small towns they are not stocked at
electric shops. This means that one has to drive to the city or a bigger town, which is
time consuming and inconveniencing. led lightbar can also not be used for residential
flood lighting. This is because it would require extra equipment to make sure that the
flood lights works.
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