Advanced Zip Recovery solution available to recover your corrupted Zip files by hkksew3563rd


									Your client has sent you an extremely important e-mail, all the way from South Africa.
It is a big deal, and all the details of the contract are sent to you. You have received a
folder and it is a zipped one. You tried opening it only to see an Error message saying
that the file may no longer be readable and most possibly has become corrupted. Your
client is no longer available, so you can’t ask him to send the file again. Now, you are
left with absolutely no option but to look for any zip recovery solution. Furthermore,
if you don’t have one ready at hand, it means you are going to waste precious time.
  Why and when do such problems arise? It is always better to understand the causes
and be ready to implement remedies, rather than be left high and dry one day.
  Let us first understand how zip files work. Zip files contain either a single large file
or multiple files compressed. The zip format is a common format for storing archives
as it occupies less space. Large files can be broken down into multiple zip volumes, if
the need arise. It is easy to send or download zip files as an e-mail attachment as they
are pretty compact in size to consume very little bandwidth, making their transmission
easier and faster. Utilities, such as WinZip are used to create and extract zip files.
  With the process of zipping, data can be easily compressed before transmission, but
the transmission process often introduces errors, causing problems when extracting
the file. Also, WinZip allows zip files below 2GB. If a Zip file exceeds the size of 2
GB, it becomes unreadable and the data in it cannot be accessed. Sometimes, attempts
to unzip compressed formats may also corrupt the file making the data inaccessible
  Unless you are extraordinarily adept at using advanced editing utilities like Hex
editors to decipher code and fix it, you shouldn’t attempt to repair corrupt zip files
yourself. Zip files can be really difficult to repair manually, because they are often
encrypted. In such situations you require third-party zip repair software to repair and
restore the corrupted zip files.
  Stellar Phoenix Zip Repair is a convenient application to repair corrupted zip
archieves and restore them at the specified location. It uses completely risk free
algorithms that does not alter, delete or overwrite the original data. This popular
software is capable of repairing zip files as large as 800MB and can handle files
created by WinZip5.0 to WinZip12.1. Furthermore, the software can repair password
protected zip files created using all versions of WinZip, up to version 8.0 and is
compatible with windows7, vista, 2003, XP and 2000. Moreover, the utility has an
extremely user-friendly interface which facilitates an easy and lucid recovery

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