Confirmation of Job Offer - Unconditional Job Offer Letter

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					 Confirmation of Job Offer (One-to-one Tutor) - template for issue to all external
 recruits or existing teachers in the school who will undertake one-to-one tuition but
 outside of (i.e. not within) the hours they are already contracted to teach. If already
 employed by the school, the wording in blue font is only essential if the checks are
                                     to be refreshed.

Dear [Name]

Post: One-to-one Tutor

Following your recent interview on (Date) for the above post, we have obtained suitable pre-
appointment checks and I am pleased to confirm that you have been successful. I would
like confirm to you the offer of the position of One to One Tutor at [School].

I have made arrangements for you to start on [date] and a completed contract of
employment will be sent to you in due course.

I would be grateful if you could confirm your acceptance of this post within 7 working days.

In order to disseminate key one to one tuition messages to tutors, you are required to attend
an Education Bradford Induction Training for Tutors session before you begin tuition.
Induction dates are available at:

When your first tutoring session is scheduled, please ensure that you give your Tutor
Schedule to the school administrator who will forward this to Dannielle Rooney, EB Tuition
Administrator. This needs to be done before the first session takes place.

Once again, congratulations on your success at your recent interview. I am looking forward
to working with you and hope that your time with [School] will be rewarding and successful.

Yours sincerely

[insert job title]

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