Acrylic and Its Many Uses

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					Thanks to the advances in material technology, in today 鈥檚 society we are now
spoilt for choice in terms of how we can manipulate different materials to design and
manufacture creations to help our businesses and everyday lives. One of the biggest
innovations in material technology has come from plastics and other fibres such as
acrylic. Acrylic is now used for a wide range of items and installations in many
different industries. The way in which this material can be manipulated and sculptured
allows for it to be one of the most innovative and versatile materials which we are
able to use.
 One of the most popular ways in which acrylic is used is in the form of acrylic
domes. Although not instantly recognisable as staple item of acrylic products, an
acrylic dome can be for many every day uses such as Security Camera Covers, Shop
Window Displays, Covers for flower arrangements/sculpture protectors and
 Although deemed as a rather simple structure, the acrylic dome is widely used by
many different industries as they are extremely strong which makes them perfectly
suited for many scenarios, in particular aquariums. Due to the clear material which
allows in light, it also makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of displays where
visibility is crucial. However, many companies are not only producing acrylic domes
in simple designs for practical uses, but are now realising the lack of limits which
comes from this material which is allowing them to almost create pieces of art. Talbot
Designs is one of the largest producers of acrylic domes in Europe, and has been
using its expertise in acrylic fabrications to make custom designed structures, such as
colourful wall displays, and even an interactive water centrifuge. Talbot Designs goes
out to make that might have been thought impossible or impractical both possible and
practical, using acrylic in a way that may have seemed unfeasible to many.
 All of Talbot Designs 鈥?acrylic fabrications are made to order, and each and every
one is truly one of a kind. As a result of their creativity and innovation, Talbot 鈥檚
designs have been seen all over the world. Considering recent and ongoing advances
in material technology, it will be exciting to see what innovative creations they 鈥檒 l
make next, and just how far acrylic can go.
 For more information please visit Acrylic Design

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