Acne Away Homemade Remedies for get Rid of Pimple

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					Acne is a painful occurrence and we all wish to cease them as soon as we see them. A
number of acne treatments are available today, but they are, after all, treatments.
  They can, at best, treat acne for some time but acne can be both avoided and cured
by other natural methods such as exercising and proper diet. Natural cures are, by far
the best and most practical acne cures. They bring no side effects with them.
  Foods that Keep Acne Away
  Good hydration keeps the skin looking and feeling young healthy. So drink lots of
water 鈥?pure water, because soda or juice doesn 鈥檛 count. Water is your skin 鈥
檚 best liquid friend.
  Olive oil or sesame oil
  They contain essential fatty acids that the body needs to maintain good health. The
fats in cell membranes give the skin an inner glow that comes from good
  Not all nuts are bad 鈥?walnuts are actually good for you. They 鈥檙 e rich in
omega-3 oils, a powerful antioxidant that keeps the skin soft and supple.
  Green Tea
  This type of tea has anti-inflammatory chemicals which combat free radicals and
prevents fine creases.
  Fresh Berries 鈥?Raspberries, blueberries and cranberries are full of phytochemicals
that protect skin cells. Eat them fresh, not frozen or preserved.
  Lemon Juice
  Lemon has traditionally been used as bleach and has been proven effective to fade
freckles and sunspots. Drink lots of lemonade for hydration, and use the fruit directly
on your skin too.
  Apply a slice of lemon over a trouble spot on your face for about 10 minutes a day
for a week or whip up an exfoliating face scrub with half a lemon and half a teaspoon
of granulated sugar.
  How can you go wrong with a fruit that holds a lot of water and that 鈥檚 rich in
vitamins A, B and C 鈥?exactly what you need for well-hydrated healthy skin.
Consume the crop and rub your face with the rind for a super natural exfoliating
  Low-Fat Dairy Products
  Rich in vitamin A, low fat dairy products are a dietary must for healthy skin cells.
  Wheat Bread, Cereals and Brazil nuts 鈥?All these foods provide a rich source of
the dietary mineral selenium, which skin experts claim, plays a key role in maintain
skin fitness and prevent skin injure from exposure to sun and other air pollutants.
  An undiscovered yet extremely helpful beauty aid. Take yoghurt daily for good
digestion, which will give you healthier skin. Also, apply yoghurt on the face every
morning and wash off with cold water.
 Regular increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the skin cells. When you sweat,
your body expels toxins through the skin with ease from the opened pores. Sweating
effectively cleans the pores from dirt, dead skin cells and excess sebum.
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