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_An Inconvenient Truth_ Worksheet 3 - An Inconvenient Truth by malj



                                      An Inconvenient Truth Worksheet 3

Part A – to be completed by the person who watches the movie. (It would be easiest to fill out this form
as you watch the movie.)

1. What is your current opinion about global warming? Do you believe it is a real problem or do you think it is
   a hoax (be honest!)?
Do you like, hate, or have no opinion of Al Gore?

Now, answer questions 2-10 while you are watching the movie.
2. Apollo           took another picture of Earth on December        , 1972.
3. Professor Revelle started sending up weather balloons over the          Ocean to take measurements in the
   year       .
4. The chemical symbol for carbon dioxide is           .
5. The 2003 heat wave in Europe killed approximately            people.         was the country most affected by
   the heat wave;      people died there.
6. The thickness of the polar ice cap has diminished         percent in        years.
7.        new diseases have emerged in the last quarter-century.
8. In a period of         days in 2002, the Larsen ice shelf in Antarctica completely disappeared.
9. Look at the map showing contributions to global warming. What percent is the United States responsible
   for?        What percent is the entire continent of Africa responsible for?
10. Philip Cooney was a lobbyist with the American Petroleum Institute for 6 years and was in charge of Global
    Warming Disinformation there until January 20, 2001, at which time the Bush Administration hired him to
    be the Chief of Staff for the White House      Office.

Part B – to be completed by the student.
11. Go to and calculate Your Total
    Emissions. Write that number here:      Is it more or less than the US average?
12. If you decreased Your Total Emissions by 10%, what would your new emissions level be:
13. What will YOU do in the coming year to decrease your emissions?
14. Between 1940 and 1980, the average temperature on Earth hovered right around 15 Celsius. But starting
    around 1980, the average temperature has been steadily rising, so that in 2000, the average temperature on
    Earth was 15.4 Celsius. Let’s assume the increase has been purely linear for ease of computation (it does
    follow a linear trendline). Let t = 0 represent the year 1980. Find the rate of change of temperature over the
    20-year period between 1980 and 2000.
15. Write a linear equation that describes temperature (y) in terms of years since 1980 (t) using your answer to
    #14.          Based on your equation and assuming this linear trend continues, what will the temperature be
    in 2080? (Remember that t is number of years since 1980.)

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