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									Drunk driving is becoming a major concern in the United States due to the increasing
pace of the road accidents these days. In general, motor vehicle accidents can cause
the driver grievous injuries and many a times it can be a fatal as well. In addition, in
such cases, the driver can become a risk for pedestrians and others walking on roads.
  Following are major facts about drunk driving accidents that are mostly unknown to
a large number of people:
  鈥?In the United States, about one person gets killed every 39 minutes and injured
every 2 minutes by drunk driving accidents. 鈥?Consumption of alcohol is said to be
the primary reason for such accidents. An anticipated 10 percent of vehicular
accidents are caused by excess alcohol intake. 鈥?Interestingly, it is reported that
about 40 percent of Americans are seriously involved in such cases at least once
during their lifetime in serious offenses of alcohol-related vehicular accidents.
鈥?According to published data, in 2005, about 414 children 14 years and below were
died in such accidents. They were occupying the passenger seats in cars and died on
the spot. However, some of these children were riding with a drunk driver during the
time of the accident. 鈥?Importantly, the overall cost of drunk driving accidents is
increasingly very high which mounts at $73 billion for the country. 鈥?It is important
to report here that youngsters who drink and drive are easily prone to fatal accidents
as compared to adults.
  With increase in road accidents drunk driving has become a major concern these
days in US states. DUI and DWI laws in the US states differ and also the penalties.
The article highlights on the major facts about drunk driving accidents.
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