Accessorise your eyes with Coloured Contact Lenses

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					Colour contact lenses have become the latest, most sought-after fashion accessories
among the young and the trendy. Contact lenses, unmistakably, transform your entire
appearance, making you look incredibly gorgeous and stunning! Colour contact lenses
are available in a broad range of colours and exotic designs and are frequently used
for theme and costume parties, such as Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc. People who
have vision disorders too, can wear colour contacts based on prescription given by an
ophthalmologist. It is better to purchase Colour contact lenses from online retailers as
they are likely to be cheaper than buying from other sources.
  There are two major types of colour contact lenses namely; Disposable Contact lens
and Extended Wear Contact lens. While disposable contact lenses are to be worn for
shorter periods i.e. about a week or so, the extended wear contact lenses can be used
up to a year, or sometimes even for a longer period of time, depending on usage.
  Contact Lenses are available in numerous colours such as Black, Blue, Gold, Green,
Pink, Orange etc. So, for the next Halloween Season, transform yourself into a terrible,
blood-sucking vampire with Twilight Volturi Crazy Contacts or Hell raiser Crazy
lenses! You are sure to scare the wits out of everyone!
  Here are a few tips to ensure safe and proper use of colour contact lenses:
 ? Buy contact lenses of superior quality, from reputed manufacturers.
 ? Obtain doctor's prescription before buying contact lenses.
 ? Purchase colour contacts only from a reputable online retailer.
 ? It is advisable to wear colour contact lenses only for shorter periods. Never wear
colour contacts for more than 8 to 9 hours, as it could hinder the smooth flow of
oxygen to your eyes. This could cause eye disorders and infections.
 ? Remember to remove your colour contacts while swimming. There are chances of
losing your contact lens in water. Moreover, water creates conducive atmosphere for
bacterial growth, which could lead to eye infections.
 ? If you purchase contact lenses from a reliable source, and if you use it properly,
your colour contact lenses will surely make a mind-blowing fashion accessory.

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