Abrasives Marketplace Partners With Abrasives Manufacturers For Special Offerings

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					IndustrialMRO.com, the plant maintenance website for MRO managers of
manufacturing facilities has launched a new trade-based portal and B2B marketplace
for domestic and international machine shops, foundries, manufacturers and other
companies in the market for various types of abrasive products & supplies. Officials
of IndustrialMRO, a division of Industrial Leaders, said the site provides users access
to all kinds of abrasive belts, discs, cutting tools, wheels, carbide tools, superabrasives,
grit, coated, bonded and other kinds of abrasives.
  According to IndustrialMRO spokesperson Steven White, the website includes
offerings from over 120 manufacturers and distributors of abrasives offering bands,
belts, specialized discs for sanding & buffing machines, carbide burrs, flap wheels,
discs for orbital sanders, sandpaper, sheet tools, hand pads, belt sanding machines,
chippers, chisels, cut-off wheels and other types of wheels such as deburring,
convolute, unitized and depressed center wheels as well as sanding discs & stars
(arbor mount, mandrel and spindle), wire brushes and compounds. White said the
products are suitable for standard, commercial and industrial applications.
  鈥淪 ince its founding nearly 5 years ago IndustrialMRO and the Industrial Leaders
Group has been committed to offering high quality industrial products to plant
maintenance, equipment repair and facility mechanics across the U.S. and beyond,
鈥?said White. He concluded, 鈥淭 he company has grown to a position of leadership
in the industrial marketplace because of its dedication to excellence and is proud to
offer over 400 high quality abrasives and accompanying tools for polishing, sanding,
filing, chipping, deburring, grinding, buffing and machining applications from nearly
150 manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.鈥?
  About IndustrialMRO
  IndustrialMRO.com is a US-based business networking site for plant maintenance,
equipment repair and facility operations' managers involved in the manufacturing
sector. The site is designed as a buying guide for plant mechanics, production
managers and other manufacturing professionals that require various industrial
supplies, equipment and machinery at http://industrialmro.com