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									The A Beka curriculum is a very popular choice for many homeschooling families. It
is also used in quite a few Christian schools across the country.
  The A Beka Books were developed at Pensacola Christian College. They are based
on experience and information gathered over a period of fifty years in the classrooms
of Pensacola Christian Academy by many writers. They are unique in that they do not
use any currently published works for their curriculum, but instead research and
develop their own. Dr. and Mrs. Arlin Horton are the founders of A Beka Book, and
the series is named after Mrs. Horton, whose first name is Rebeka.
  The A Beka home school curriculum is fundamentally Christian based. The main
goal of this program is to ground children in the Christian faith. Every aspect and
subject points toward the Christian worldview. It is a workbook based curriculum and
is very detailed. It goes step by step through each concept and is very comprehensive.
This is a good curriculum for those home school families who are very organized or
need a highly structured program.
  There are three choices when working with the A Beka Book home school program.
There is the A Beka Academy DVD option, which provides two options. The first is
the Fully Accredited College Preparatory Program in which A Beka keeps all of the
records. The second is the Non-Accredited program in which the parent keeps all the
records. Each covers the exact same material. The only difference is the price.
Basically, in addition to the workbooks, the DVDs feature teachers who help to
explain the subjects in greater detail.
  The second option is the A Beka Academy Traditional Parent-Directed option. This
is a fully accredited college prep program. A Beka provides you with teacher manuals
that explain exactly how to follow and teach the curriculum. You teach the material
and A Beka keeps your records for you. It is very much like a traditional school
without the school building. You send in all of the work and tests and they grade them
and issue a report card. There is an academic calendar along with progress reports.
This is much the same as the DVD option minus the DVDs.
  The third option is the Textbooks/Materials for Home Schooling. This is simply the
curriculum. There is no other involvement from A Beka besides the materials. You
will keep all the records and set your own pace. You can order the entire program or
just the items that you feel are appropriate for your child. Many parents who choose
this option will use parts of another curriculum along with the A Beka materials.
  A Beka Book is a good choice for home school families. It is very Biblically based
and structured. It sets a strong foundation during the early years in core subjects such
as reading and math, and continues to challenge students all the way through high
school. The A Beka Book home school curriculum is a great tool with which to teach
your child and offers many options.
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