A Sneak Preview of Legoland Florida by hkksew3563rd


									This year saw one of the most successful openings in Florida in recent memory. That
was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which opened in Universal this year, to see
an unbridled success in spite of Florida’s oil slick down turn. While the hype and
attendance grew, the more discerning visitors, not cast under Potter’s spell, were left
wondering whether the park was really worth the attention it has been given.
 Next year sees perhaps a lower profile opening, but nonetheless a treasured
childhood institution. While Lego theme parks have appeared all over the world, they
are yet to sprout in the globe’s theme park capital, the state of Florida in the United
States. This is all set to change as next year will see the unveiling of the all new
Legoland Florida, which is set to build on the international franchise, as it finally
arrives in the world’s most prominent theme park destination.
 As with all Legolands the age group here is largely for young children ranging from
2 to 12 and offers a much more relaxed outing to parents who want to avoid the
boisterous crowds of Disneyland for an easier stroll in the theme park.
 While it won’t open its doors to the public for nearly a year, here is a look at what
may be on offer in the park.
 The heart of every Legoland should be its tiny world. In which park creators, remake
the world in Lego, which makes for a nice setting for a leisurely walk, travelling the
(Lego) world in less than a day.
 The miniland here has a design that is set to appeal to locals as it plumbs for more
local areas. So far the topic that has got many wondering is in regards to the location
of the park. Legoland will be positioned out in Cypress Gardens, nearly 40 miles
away from Disneyland. This means the theme park is perhaps trying top bring in a
different crowd from the Disneyland vacationers, such as those in Destin Florida
 Yet the park remains accessible by car, Florida State is largely made up of freeways
and highways, making Legoland, at most, an hour away from Disneyland.
 Legolands have always been very skilled at spotting a good, off the beaten track
location, and this is no exception. While other theme parks may have failed in the
Cypress Gardens are, they did not carry a franchise name, and established fan base.
Furthermore it can latch on to the amenities of the local community, allowing tourists
the options of nearby places to stay, and places to visit outside of their park.
 The Legoland park is set to recycle various features from the previous theme parks
here, such as some of the roller coasters, supplying attractions for older children, who
need more than Lego models to satisfy their tastes.
 The spot of the new them park has been used by many other theme parks in the past
and has been home to some big attractions in the days before Disney and Universal all
but monopolised the area.
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