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					Guide to Viewing Results through the Student Portal

This is a guide to accessing your student results through the student portal following
referrals and deferrals.    For further details on the information contained in this
guide, please refer to the Academic Regulations along with any additional course
information you may have been given.

Accessing student results

Student marks will be made available on the student portal. To view your marks, you
will need to access your student portal page and click on my assessments near the
top of the page. This page will give you a list of all your marks for the current
academic year. However, it is important to understand that these marks may be
subject to change. The University has a formal meeting - the Unit Assessment Board
- to confirm these marks and until this meeting all marks are provisional. The Unit
Assessment Board has the power to both raise and lower marks, as well as confirm
them as presented.

If marks are not confirmed, they will be a different colour. Marks that are not yet
available will be highlighted in blue. Marks that have not been considered by a Unit
Assessment Board will be highlighted in pink. This is described in full detail at the
top of the my assessments page.

What do the results mean?

The my assessments page gives you the overall mark for each unit and tells you
whether you have passed or failed. The normal unit pass mark for the University of
Portsmouth is 40% but it is necessary to check the result column as well to discover
whether this is a Pass. There are exceptions to this unit pass mark but you will have
been informed of this by the Unit Co-ordinator.

There should normally be one of four comments in the status column - Pass, Refer,
Defer or Fail. Pass means that you have achieved the Pass criteria for the unit and
been awarded the credit. Refer means that you have not achieved the Pass criteria
for the unit and that you will have to undertake some form of referral work to achieve
the Pass criteria. Defer means that you have submitted a valid Extenuating
Circumstances Form and would normally be given the opportunity to undertake the
same type of assessment artefact again with no penalty. Fail means that you have
not achieved the Pass criteria and are not eligible for referral. The next page
describes in detail how you can find out what you achieved for each assessment
artefact you submitted.

These unit marks can be used to get a rough idea of the decision the Board of
Examiners will make at the end of the academic year. If you have passed
everything, you should be able to progress to the next year or, if you are on the final
stage of a course, you should be recommended for an award. You may be eligible to
progress with trailing units or progress with deferrals if you have failed 20 credits or
less or been deferred in 60 credits or less, provided you having attempted all the
assessment including any referral expected in the unit(s) in question.

If you have failed to achieve a pass in 20 credits or less and you are on your final
year of an undergraduate course, you may be eligible for compensation. The
compensation rules for postgraduate students are more complicated but are in
Section 18 of the Academic Regulations.
If you have been failed more than 20 credits, you will normally be expected to repeat
the units and/or the year. The Board of Examiners also has the discretion to exclude
a student on academic grounds who, in its academic judgement, fails to make
satisfactory progress.

For deferred units, you can get a full breakdown of the assessment artefacts by
clicking on the mark achieved. This will take you into a new screen. This will have
each of the assessments and the marks achieved. Again, you should note that if the
marks have not been confirmed they will be highlighted in blue or pink. Each of the
assessment artefacts will have a mark against it and will indicate whether the artefact
was passed or failed. However this will need to be considered in conjunction with the
overall unit grade.

For referred units, only the overall unit grade will be given. If you click on the mark, it
will show you the marks you achieved in the main sitting, not the referral sitting. Each
piece of referral work you did is marked on a Pass/Fail basis – if you passed them all
you will be capped at the pass mark for the unit – normally 40%.            However, you
have to pass all the individual referral pieces of work for a unit to pass the unit so
failure in any one of them will lead to failure of the unit.


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