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A Review of the Great Samsung Omnia 7

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					The combination of the new Windows 7 operating system with the superb Super
AMOLED screen technology makes the Samsung Omnia 7 the mobile phone handset
to own over the forthcoming festive period.
 The design of the actual handset is very similar to that of the Galaxy S. Interfaces are
located on the top of the chassis, where you will find the 3.5mm headphone jack and
the micro USB port. A staggered camera button is located on the side of the phone, an
allows for a half press of the button to activate the autofocus, and a full compression
to actually take the picture. The phone measures 122.4 x 64.2 x 11mm and weighs
only 138.2 grammes. Asides form the new operating system, the real crowd pleaser on
this model is the marvellous Super AMOLED screen. Measuring a huge 4 inches, the
screen can offer a staggering 480 x 800 resolution image, and this is backed up by a
capability of displaying over 16 million colours. The real winner here however is the
use of Super AMOLED technology. Combining the touch sensitive panel actually into
the display, rather than it being a second panel which is overlayed, help keep the
overall depth of the handset down to a minimum. It also improves visibility in
sunlight, as well as producing a naturally rich colour tone. The display also looks
better than ever thanks to the lines and angles that make up the interface for the new
operating system, somehow they show the screens depth of colour better than the
interface found on the Galaxy S, which utilised the popular Android operating system.
 The new Windows 7 OS is the really interesting aspect to the Samsung Omnia 7. For
starters, the homescreen found here will be identical on every handset running on the
platform, meaning that in time it will become recognisable instantly, rather like the
Home page found on the iPhone. Looking at the interface two things are immeadiately
obvious, firstly how vivid the colours are on the display, and secondly how clear and
easy to use the icons are. Pretty much anything you desire can be attached to the home
page, audio files, contacts and applications, many of which are updated in real time.
In an effort to keep the homescreen as clear as possible, the bar that normally displays
your battery and signal readings is hidden, but accessible instantly by simply tapping
the first centimetre of the display. The Omnia 7 incorporates a good quality 5 millon
pixel camera and also boasts an impressive HD video recording facility that captures
footage at 720P resolution.
 The superb screen quality and HD video capture, coupled with the impressive new
OS make the Omnia 7 a great handset for smartphone fans everywhere.
 The Samsung Omnia 7 and the Acer Stream are available now

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