; A New Orange theme of Bajaj Pulsar 180
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A New Orange theme of Bajaj Pulsar 180


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									Bajaj Pulsar, the most famous among the Indian youth has launched the New Bajaj
Pulsar 180cc DTSi in a complete new and amazing Orange color. Bajaj, which has
been serving its customer's purpose with its all time wonderful launches and
fascinating the world is proving itself to be the best choice of the bike lovers in India.
The main motive of the enterprise is not only to increase its growth but also to take
care of its social responsibility towards the environment and the related issues. The
company has always been known for serving the mankind maintaining a balance
between the environmental, economical and social issues.
 Bajaj with its fresh and different variant of New Bajaj Pulsar 180cc DTSi in orange
color is also thinking to launch Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi with similar theme. As known
with the enquired facts a small price for the exclusivity may be charged by the
company. The coloring of the New Bajaj Pulsar 180cc DTSi looks similar to that of
the Limited Edition of Pulsar Bajaj being launched around a half decade ago at an
enormous price difference between the regular models and the Limited Editions.As
per the facts about the bike, the bike is not coming as a Limited Edition and even the
price difference between the two is very low. With a minuscule price difference, the
bike is made available with a dominant of orange being the complement looks of the
body done with black color. The front mudguard and the side panels are colored black
whereas the front bikini fairing, tank, extended tank shrouds and the rear panels are
sparkling orange in color.
 Being the engine specifications kept to be the same, the bike is not been fiddled with
any sort of new specifications. The Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi in black color had black
clip-ons and grab rails while the rest of the colors done with grey colored clip-ons and
grab rails. Similar to that of the mentioned specifications with color, this orange
colored Pulsar 180 variant comes in black colored clip-ons and grab rails.With
minimum changes, the product may prove to be the answer of the frequently asked
question about the Bajaj Pulsar being too common. The Orange colored variant of the
company is available in the market with a premium of Rs. 800, i.e. the model is being
priced at Rs. 72,800 on road.

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