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					I am a mother of 4 year old child, Susan. She was detected with serious ailment called
lymphoma. On detecting this life taking disease in my daughter; seriously I got
hopeless at that moment. After a month my doctor told me about Cryo Cell. I did not
want to leave any option, so I moved on there. After having a meeting with the doctor
my happiness reached cloud nine. It was so because now I could save the life of my
daughter. The doctors there gave me a very simple option. They told me that they can
treat this disease by taking umbilical cord stem cells of a new born baby. Fortunately I
was pregnant and I was delighted of my condition.
  I asked the doctor about the cord blood banking cost and believe me it was not that
much. It was very reasonable and I advised to all parents that they should use cord
blood stem cell banking in order to ensure good health of their child. I think money is
nothing when it comes to your child’s life. After the delivery the doctor did as they
told me and at that time my husband gave me complete moral support which I cannot
forget throughout my life.
  Actually, the cord blood cells from a new born baby are taken as they are rich in
some stem cells, I think. The doctor told me that umbilical cord stem cells helps in
forming white blood cells in the body which helps in boosting immune system. In the
Cryo Cell center, there is a facility of cord blood stem cell storage which I think must
be sued by every parent. It is a great resource to invest good health of children. I
always advise Cry Cell for all parents because I am happy and my daughter is also
healthy. The doctors told me that if immune system gets stronger, it can fight different
kinds of diseases easily. You will be delighted by knowing about the cord blood
banking cost. I think every parent can easily afford this service and everyone should
make most out of this opportunity. Actually, there are two kinds of banks available for
cord blood storage including private and public banks. In the public banks, you can
donate cord blood to the public but in private banks like one in Cryo Cell, you can
invest cord blood for the family. I want every kid to be healthy and every parent to be