A Look At Conventional And Organic Essential Oils

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					Conventional Vs Organic Essential Oils

Organic essential oils are extracts from plants that have been grown without the use of
chemical pesticides or on land that has been authorised by regulatory boards like
Ecocert and the like. Conventional essential oils are extracts or non organic oils
extracted from plants that were grown using agricultural chemicals. Let's look at the
pros and cons of conventional and organic essential oils to see which best suits your
aromatherapy session

Organic Essential Oils


The biggest advantage of organic essential oils is its health and safety . Organic
essential oils are extracted from plants that follow strict organic agricultural standards.
It's nearly impossible to encounter organic essential oils with any form of foreign
substances or chemicals

Due to their natural qualities, many aromatherapists and therapists prefer to use
organic aromatherapy products in their clinical treatments because they believe they
have more healing power than conventional essential oils

The growth of plants from which the organic essential oils are extracted is carefully
examined at all times, and most aromatherapists believe that these aromatherapy
products are of better quality and have superior aroma


The crop from which these aromatherapy oils are extracted requires careful
examination. The absence of chemicals and fertilizers also require farmers to be more

Organic essential oils can be purchased from organic growers or farms. This requires
more effort when it comes to purchasing these aromatherapy essential oils because it
may not be sold in stores

Organic aromatherapy oils tend to be more expensive to purchase than conventional
essential oils, due to the extra time involved in caring and growing the crop

Conventional Essential Oils


The presence of chemicals and pesticides help improve yields of conventional
essential oils. They may prevent diseases which sometimes can be very dangerous and

Conventional aromatherapy crops need less monitoring. This saves distillers time so
they can work more on other crops

As conventional essential oil's crop require less monitoring, they are usually cheaper
to buy

Conventional essential oils are widely available, whereas some organically grown
products may be very hard to source


The safety of conventional essential oils are doubtful because of the presence of
chemicals and pesticides. These chemicals may have unfavourable environment

There may be some residue of chemicals and pesticides present in these conventional
oils after extraction

 This requires more effort when it comes to purchasing these aromatherapy essential
oils because it may not be sold in stores