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					A Life In The Theatre Broadway tickets is available this fall on Broadway. The
original Mamet 1977 comedy is making its Broadway debut after a successful run in
London's West End. The production is set for a strict 15 week limited run from
October 12, 2010 for a 15-week run, through January 2, 2011. Previews will start on
September 21st, 2010 at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre. The two character play stars
Patrick Stewart and T.R. Knight. Stewart also played in London's 2005 Apollo Theatre
  David Mamet has found great success as a playwright on Broadway. His recent
works include American Buffalo, Speed The Plow and Race. Born in Chicago on
November 30, 1947 he was a founding member of the Atlantic Theater Company. He
swiftly achieved recognition for three of his off-Broadway plays in 1976, The Duck
Variations, Sexual Perversity in Chicago, and American Buffalo. He has become
popular as an American author, litterateur, playwright, screenwriter and motion
picture director. He is won the Pulitzer Prize for Glengarry Glen Ross in 1984. It
would be produced for Broadway in 2005. He is also a well received screenwriter for
the big screen with Oscar nominations for The Verdict (1982) and Wag the Dog
(1997). A Life In The Theatre Broadway tickets is sure to find huge success along The
Great White Way.
  The Story
  A Life In The Theatre Broadway is a comedy based on the playwrights early work in
acting. It is a behind-the-scenes look at his experience of coming into the theatrical
arts, fighting for the spotlight and having to share not only the stage but the amenities.
Robert, played by Stewart, is an older and seemingly wiser thespian. John, played by
Knight, is the new kid on the block, a hopeful actor from the up-and-coming
generation. Their working and personal relationship start off on the right foot. John
admires Robert and looks up to him for guidance as a mentor. As the play progresses
through, John eventually finds flaws in not only Robert's acting chops but in his
teaching. As the two become involved in a few different productions together their
feelings towards one another gradually begin to turn.
  Mamet is well respected for his writing style, especially in dialogue. Critics admire
is unique use of overlapping, constant interruption and sentences, which fizzle out
before being finished to having deemed the term "Mamet speak." The cynical and
jittery writing style creates a characteristic effect, one which is present in this revival
most notably the use of his two-part harmony. With A Life In The Theatre Broadway
tickets for the premiere the audiences will be treated to seeing the fresh life which he
brings to the stage.
  The latest production is directed by Neil Pepe, who directed the celebrated revival of
Mamet's Speed-The-Plow last season. The production team includes Jeffrey Richards,
Jerry Frankel and Steve Traxler, who were behind Broadway's recent Speed-The-Plow
and the present Mamet play Race. Now is your chance to grab some A Life In The
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