A Household Water Filter Does Not Need To Cost a Fortune

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					Does your household water filter provide protection against dangerous VOCs? More
and more people are recognizing the need for home filtration, but many are unsure
about what the filtration systems should and should not do. This article should clear
up any confusion that you have, so that you can buy with confidence.
  First, let’s look at the things you do not want. You do not want a system that uses
electricity. That would increase your operating costs and be a bad choice for the
  You do not want a system that requires back-flushing or creates wastewater. No one
has found a solution for reclaiming the wastewater. It places a heavy burden on septic
tanks and sewage systems.
  You do not want a system that removes trace elements, electrolytes or minerals. Not
only do those things improve the taste of freshwater. They are also good for your
health. Research has shown drinking water with a trace mineral content can help you
reach you daily nutritional requirements.
  Now, let’s look at what you do want. You do want a system that removes chlorine.
Most sink water filters reduce the chlorine content by at least 50%. This improves the
taste and smell. The better systems remove more than 99.99% of chlorine,
chloramines and other disinfectants.
  You do want a system that removes THMs, which are byproducts of the chlorination
process. It is now an accepted fact that exposure to THMs increases a person’s
lifetime risk of cancer.
  You do want a system that removes VOCs. VOCs are volatile organic compounds.
They are naturally occurring in some areas, but in most cases, they are present due to
industrial activity and are man-made.
  VOCs include MTBE, perchlorate, fluorocarbons, formaldehyde and dozens of other
chemicals. When water evaporates, the chemicals become airborne. The quality of the
air in your home is negatively affected by these chemicals. Insulation is important for
conserving energy, but it keeps toxins in and fresh air out.
  The risks of exposure to VOCs include damage to the central nervous system, the
liver, the kidneys and other organs of the body. There is also an increased risk of
cancer due to exposure.
  Not many sink water filters reduce VOCs and THMs. You can find out by reading
the product performance data sheets for the brands you are considering. Many
manufacturers publish their performance data online, making it easier for us to
  You should not have to pay thousands of dollars for a household water filter, but you
should try to get the best quality your money can buy. If you follow the guidelines
mentioned above, it should be easier for you to do that.
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