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1.0 Your Natal Chart Demystified
  1.1 The Chart

  1.2 The Key Parameters

  Ascendant – Leo

  Sun-Sign – Aries

  Moon-Sign – Cancer
10th house from Ascendant and 10th Lord – Taurus, Venus

10th house from Moon-Sign and 10th Lord – Aries, Mars

Navamsa Signs Lord of 10th from Ascendant Lord - Virgo

Navamsa Sign Lord of 10th from Moon - Sign Lord

1.3 Retrograde planets, Debilitated planets and Exalted planets in natal chart.

Mercury Retrograde
You think in an intuitive manner and are right-brain dominant. Right-brain thinking is more
spatially oriented. You would comprehend through recognizing patterns and would arrive at
conclusions without going through logic and reason. This does not imply that you are wrong
and are more often right. You would drive analytical people crazy because of the
discontinuous manner in which you think.

Venus Retrograde
Venus retrograde indicates an unusual interest in love. You don’t seem to be stimulated by
customary means. Socially, you don’t fit into the mainstream. You can swing between
opposites - averse or perverse. Often you may turn to religion because it seems easier to
love God – and God does have a lot of love. Your marital life may not be a happy one. Being
accommodative with your business partners would be difficult for you. Finding a fulfilling and
lasting relationship is a challenge for you.

Sun in Exaltation
You will be endowed with a strong and powerful physical build up. Your desires will be
strong and will leave no effort in making them come true. You will have very good younger
siblings and they would be famous in life.

Venus in Exaltation
You will be highly successful in any experiences in remote foreign countries. The protection
of the Almighty will always be with you. Your spouse may possess a spiritual bent of mind.
There is a strong indication of sound inheritance / legacy that will ensure prosperity. Your
enthusiasm will provide a halo of happiness and good health around you.

1.4 Know the Friends and Foes

We have listed above the natal promise of all the 9 Vedic planets in the chart based on their
status in the chart. There are likely to be lot of contradictions about their significance in
different aspects of life. The same planet may be beneficial for a particular aspect in one’s
life by it’s house location but it can be inauspicious for the same aspects in life because of
the lordship of houses in the chart. One planet can be beneficial for a particular aspect in life
and can promise great success and at the same time another planet can be most
inauspicious and promise complete failure for the same aspects in life.

Usually different astrological effects do not cancel or neutralize each other. Both the positive
as well as the negative effects can affect a person’s life.
How much positive and how much negative will depend on the planet’s strength, it’s
functionality whether auspicious or inauspicious, and it’s dignity in the chart, and also it’s
strength in the chart.

These calculations are complex and are not only made for the natal chart but are also made
on the different divisional charts which are derived from the natal chart. An astrologer has to
examine all these quantitative and qualitative aspects of each planet in the chart, before he
can make a final judgment about each planet on how much positive and how much negative
effects the planet will be responsible for different aspects of life in a person. His experience
will also play a key role to arrive at a final judgment.

We give below in a table the strength of each planet in the chart and what will be the overall
role of the planet in a person’s life as per the astrologer’s judgment.

                                                   Planet Table

  Planet    Dignity      Lordship   Functional    House      Planet Natal Strengths                     Final Judgement by
            (Based      on          Status        Location                                              Astrologer
                                                             Sadbal     Vimsopakabal   Ashtakavarga
            Sign                    Auspicious
                                                                                       Natal Strength
            location)               /Inauspicious
  Sun       Exalted     I           Auspicious    IX         1.25       18             4                Outstanding
  Moon      Own         XII         Neutral         XII      0.88       13             4                Good
  Mars      Grt. Friend IV & IX     Most AuspiciousVIII      1.32       16             3                Very Good
  Mercury   Friend      II & XI     Inauspicious    IX       0.94       15             6                Good
  Jupiter   Neutral     V & VIII    Auspicious      X        1.24       13             5                Excellent
  Venus     Exalted     III & X     Inauspicious    VIII     1.41       10             6                Excellent
  Saturn    Grt. Enemy VI & VII     Most            XII      0.89       8              2                Mixed
  Rahu      Neutral     ---         Inauspicious    III      ---        9              ----             Mixed
  Ketu      Neutral     --          Most AuspiciousIX        ---        17             ---              Good

Explanation of Natal status of Planet Table

A) Dignity:
Dignity of planet is based on it’s relationship with the sign where it is located in the natal
chart: The dignity largely decides what kind of results the planet will give in it’s period /sub-
periods/sub-sub periods. If the dignity is good then there are bound to be good results. If the
dignity is not good then there are bound to be some bad results. No matter whether the
planet is functionally benefic/malefic or strong and week in different strength calculations.
The dignity of any planet can be any of the following in descending order of the planet’s
ability to give good results during its period/sub-periods/sub-sub periods.

1 Exalted: results most outstanding
2 Mool trikona: results excellent
3 Own: results good in general
4 Great Friend: Generally good results
5 Friend: Mixed but generally ok
6 Enemy: Mixed but generally malefic
7 Great Enemy: Generally malefic
8 Debilitated: most challenging

B) Lord ship and functionality:
 Lord ship of each planet as per different ascendants in the natal chart indicates functionality
of the planet for different aspects in our life throughout our life. Functionality can be
Auspicious, Inauspicious, Neutral, Most Auspicious or most Inauspicious

C) Different Strength calculations of the Planet and their significance:

1 ShadBal: This is the absolute modular strength of the planet and signifies the quantum of
it’s effects in our life irrespective of the functional status or dignity. A Benefic planet with low
Shadbal must be strengthened with Gem therapy to make it more effective. A malefic planet
with high shadbal must not be strengthened with Gem therapy because it’s malefic effects
will increase also Instead they must be harmonized with Yantra or propitiated with Yagnas
and Mantras. This strength is very important for astrologer while he recommends
astrological remedies. The minimum effective shadbal should be 1.0. The maximum can go
up to 2.5 in a chart.

2 Vimsopak Bal: Vimsopak Bal is calculated based on the dignity of the planet in 16
divisional charts computed from the Natal chart. Each divisional chart signifies a specific
aspect of life. For example Navamsa chart signifies spouse and marital life. The Dasamsa
chart signifies profession and career. The maximum Vimsopak bal of a planet can be 20,
which will signify the planet will be beneficial for most aspects in life. An average strength of
10 will signify the planet will have mixed effects for different aspects of life. Less than 10 will
signify the planet will be mostly inauspicious in most aspects in our life.

3 Ashtakbarga Natal strength: This signifies the potential of the planet to deliver positive
results during transit in relation with other planets positive and negative effects. The
maximum strength can be 8, which signifies the planet can give outstanding results in
transit. For Saturn and Mars, if the Ashtakbarga strength is more than 3 units, it will mean it
will give generally positive results. For remaining 5 planets (excluding Rahu/Ketu) the natal
strength must be 5 units or more to have the potential to deliver beneficial results in relation
to all other planets.

Your astrologer will consider all these factors before he makes his final judgment. His
judgment will be as follows:
1 Outstanding
2 Excellent
3 Very good
4 Good
5 Mixed
6 Challenging
7 Most challenging

1.5 Know the houses though which each planet influences

In the explanation of your horoscope chart, we have indicated the different houses in your
chart. It is the houses which relate to different aspects in a person’s life. A house is most
influenced by the planets located in a particular house. Next the house is influenced by lord
or the ruling planet of a particular house. A house is also influenced by the planets which
aspect the house in the natal chart. There are 2 different methods to measure the strength
of each house in the chart quantitatively. Given below are two tables. Table 1 indicates
which aspects of life are signified by a specific house and also the natural planet(s) signifier
(Karaka) of each house.

Table 2 gives each house and it’s strength as well as the planets which influence each
house in your chart either by location, lordship or by aspects in your chart. It also gives the
final judgment of the astrologer and it’s overall status in your life for each house in your natal

                                              Table 1

 House Number ign No Sign Name                    Attributes of each of the 12 house
                                  Natural Signifier

 I          5       Leo           Sun            Physical Self, appearance, basic disposition, behavior, general well

 II         6       Virgo         Jup
                                                 Finances, liquid assets, accumulation of wealth, general family
                                                 happiness, food & drink, speech, spiritual status of knowledge,
                                                 precious metals/gems, concentration, truthfulness etc.

 III        7       Libra         Mar            Determination, courage, physical strength, siblings, friends,
                                                 neighbors, art, dance, drama, music, voice, singing, memory,
                                                 communications, writing etc.

 IV         8       Scorpio       Mon            Feelings, mother, the home, emotions, and happiness in general,
                                                 academic education, knowledge, fixed assets, hobbies, leisure time,
                                                 comforts, houses, boats, vehicles.
 V          9       Sagittarius   Jup            Intelligence,     progeny,      pregnancy,  inclination    towards
                                                 education/spiritual authorship.

 VI         10      Capricorn     Sat, Mar       Services & defense, health or short term diseases, competition, rivals,
                                                 opposition, litigation, enemies, intimidation, calamities from the
                                                 opposite sex etc.

 VII        11      Aquarius      Jup            Marriage, love affairs including extramarital, cohabitation, marriage
                                                 like relationships, length of mate’s life, business partnerships, trade,
                                                 foreign residence etc.

 VIII       12      Pisces        Sat            Unknown & the chronic, longevity, hidden things, scandalous
                                                 behavior, embarrassment, shyness, accusations, desire for
                                                 knowledge of the unknown or mystical matters, extravagance,
                                                 unearned wealth such as lotteries, wills, legacies, money from
                                                 insurances claims etc.

 IX         1       Aries         Jup, Sun       Luck & knowledge, god, guru, philosophy, religion, father, relationship
                                                 with father, bosses, ethics, law, dharma (right action), long distance
                                                 travel, good fortune, spiritual knowledge & practices.

 X          2       Taurus        Mer, Jup       Career, life purpose, profession, fame, father’s reputation or position
                                                 in the world, father’s health and longevity, righteous action,
                                                 compassions etc.

 XI         3       Gemini        Sun            Opportunities, cash flow, profits, fulfillment of dreams and desires,
                                                 hopes, friends, wishes elder sibling, influential friends etc.

 XII        4       Cancer        Jup, Sat       Liberation, enlightenment, sexual pleasures, detention, confinement
                                                 (hospitals, prisons, long term mediation etc.) pilgrimages or journeys
                                                 to foreign land and expenditure: house of decrease.
        House Number            Lordship                   H            House Strength
                                           Planets Aspecting ouse Strength          Astrologer Remarks
                   Located                                 (AB) X       (BB) Y
        I          As           Su         Ke              27           9.22        Ok
        II         ---          Me         Ma, Ve, Ju, Sa 30            7.90        Ok

        III        Ra           Ve         Su, Ma, Me, Ke   27         8.11         Mixed

        IV         ----         Ma         Ju               28         7.38         Ok

        V          ---          Ju         Ke               31         8.69         Excellent

        VI         ---          Sa         Mo, Ju, Sa       36         5.62         Ok

        VII        ----         Sa         Ra               30         3.80         Challenging

        VIII       Ma, Ve       Ju         --               26         7.34         Difficult

        IX         Su, Me, Ke   Ma         Sa, Ra           26         9.29         Ok

        X          Ju           Ve         --               31         8.63         Excellent

        XI         ---          Me         Ma, Ra           27         7.16         Difficult

        XII        Mo, Sa       Mo         --               18         4.23         Difficult

  If the A. B. score is 28 or more, that house and the aspects of life, the house signifies
  flourish well. Greater the score, better the results. If the A. B. score is less then 28, the
  individual faces difficulties and suffers in life in those aspects, which the house signifies. The
  lower the score greater will be the difficulties and obstacles in life.

  House strength by method B (Bhava Bal) signifies if the score strength of a house is more
  than 7.5, the aspects signified by that house flourishes more in our life.

  Greater the score, better the results. The lower score greater will be the difficulties and
  obstacles in life. Final remark is the considered judgment about each houses made by our
  astrologer, who has analysed your chart.

2.0 General trends and signatures in your career path
  2.1 Your natal affinity to a choice of career as per your “Varna”

  From our natal chart, our Varna is calculated based on the Nakhatra location of Moon in our
  natal chart.

  The original Varnashram was created to assign the division of labor in the production and
  distribution system of the economy. A person’s Varna indicated his core competence based
  on his personality and intrinsic nature to be best suited for a particular function in the
  society. It was not a hereditary system.

  We give below the different functions associated with each of the 4 Varna classifications.

  In Bhagavat Gita, Lord Sree Krishna had mentioned about 4 Gunas, based on which 4
  Varnas were created according to the kind of work ( Karma), a person is supposed to
perform in his/her life as per the qualities the person has inherited based on environment
and circumstances and past Karma. These 4 kind of works are necessary to maintain the
smooth functioning of the society. These qualities were purely based on the person’s natural
talents and skill. This was an unique system but later on it got degenerated into the evils of
Cast system which was purely based on heredity. Man is essentially a social animal. For his
survival and prosperity, he has to interact with other people also. He has clear cut duties
and responsibilities towards performing special functions which help the society to sustain
and to grow and make progress.

These 4 Varnas are as follows:

People who by choice and independently, are involved in production and distribution of
goods and services belong to” Vaishya Varna”.

People who by choice offers their services to others in the society based on their special
skill and strength belong to “Khatriya Varna”.

People who by choice offers their labour and skill completely to and individual or to an
organization against fixed wages belong to “Shudra Varna”.

People who are not directly involved in any production or distribution of goods and services
but have special skill and wisdom for which the society collectively recognizes and rewards
or compensates them materially belong to “Brahman Varna”.

In today’s global economy, the choices of professions or the different kinds of work that
people perform are vast than what they were in ancient times, and every day new profession
or new areas of work are emerging, but at fundamental level this classification into 4 Varnas
are still very much valid.

Vedic astrology from your horoscope can decide to which of the 4 Varnas, you belong. This
is strictly based on your chart and is nothing to do with your hereditary status. A brahman’s
child can be shudra or vice versa.

As per your natal chart, your Varna is “Brahman”. Your present choice of career is Research
Assistant in Software segment. You are in right career and you should acquire higher
qualification like Masters or PHD and then you should pursue a teaching career which will
definitely suit your temperament and core competence and will be consistent with your “
Brahman” Varna. You should not have this present feeling that your job is not good as
compared to other glamorous career in software at the same level of yours. You should not
compare and feel insecure. You have made the right choice.

2.2 Your natal Affinity to a choice of career as per the sign elements and sign types of
majority of planets in your chart.

Table of planets sign type and sign elements

Type of Sign/Elements of Sign            Fire       Earth         Air         Water
Cardinal                                 Su, Me, Ke               Ra          Mo, Sa
Fixed                                               Ju
Mutable                                                                        Ma,Ve

10th house

Your 10th house from Ascendant is “Taurus” sign.
Which is “Fixed” sign type with “Earthy” element.

Your 10th house lord is located in “Pisces” sign.
Which is “Dual” sign type with “Water” element.

Career Choice as per sign type

Majority of Planets in your chart are located in Movable signs and in Water Elements.

Movable signs indicate that you will have the ability to take up pioneer work, to engage in
callings that are new, inventive, and of public nature. You will fit well to undertake new
enterprises that require speed, ingenuity, quick wit, tact and diplomacy. You will be very
aspiring and ambitious, never resting till you becomes your own master or to become head
of whatever pursuit you follow. You must have patience and plan a career growth path in
large research management, wherein you have to not only guide people but also you will be
the one who will have to get grants from the powers to be to get your team pursuing different
projects, and they look up to you and depend on you.

Career Choice as per sign element

Water elements indicate that you can develop excellent rapport with people. Your emotional
quotient will be very high and your inter personal equation will be excellent which will be
your asset to become leader and to guide large research project.

Water elements also indicate that at some time in your career you may get connected with
water or liquid. This should give you some idea of research areas where you can direct your
research skill like water management system and water transport system or process control
system in any kind of liquid and chemical manufacturing system or pharmaceutical system

2.3 Your career preference as per planets in your 10 th house, or lord of 10th house in
case these are no planets in your 10th house.

Most likely practical career choice as per the status of planets which are closely related with
10th house in your chart which is the house of profession.

In our life, we all will have to some job or several jobs to earn our day to day livelihood to
maintain ourselves and to maintain our family. This is called ‘Pursuit of Wealth( artha)’ As
per our life purpose we should also do something which is as per the choices described
above. Such activities will give us fulfillment and contentment and to fulfill the self
actualization need in our life. This is called ‘Pursuit of Vocation (Dharma)in our life. Some
people are lucky and blessed in this life for whom both the pursuits are same. By practical
choice of career in our life we mean what job we must do to pursue wealth in life which may
be the same or may not be the same as the ideal pursuit of vocation in our life. This is
decided by the strongest planet among all the planets who are connected or associated with
10th house or it’s lord in our chart.
In your chart, Jupiter is located in 10th house, Taurus from your ascendant. Lord of this
house is Venus.

Venus is located in your Navamsa chart in Scorpio whose lord is Mars.
In your Dasamsa chart, the 10th house is Aquarius whose Lord is Saturn.
We should also analyze the 10th house from your Moon-sign ( Rashi) also.
10th house from your Moon-sign is Aries whose lord is Mars. Also in 10 th house from Moon,
the following planets are located, Mercury, Sun, and Ketu. Among these 3 planets, Sun is
exalted and Mercury is retrograde.

The planets which qualify as influencer for the choice of job in your life are as follows:

Jupiter, Venus,Mars, Sun, Mercury, Ketu and Saturn. Out of these 7 planets, the strongest
planets are Venus, Sun, and Ketu ( Refer planet table given earlier in this report). Both
Venus and Sun are exalted but Venus is retrograde. Ketu is Vargottam in your chart which is
also considered as exalted.

Sun in 9th house indicates a position of administration. Exalted Venus in 8 th house indicates
research job in computer technology and internet. Ketu in 9th house also indicates research
job in chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

2.4 Your career preference and professional motivation as per the Nakshatra (Star
cluster) of Sun, the natural signifier of Career in your chart.

Sun is located in Aries in Aswini

Nakshatra in your chart whose lord is Ketu.

You will be attracted to such careers which will demand both courage as well as analytical
abilities, and in such career where you can operate independently without any constant
supervision or monitoring from others. Your career must be connected with both basic
science as well as advanced technology.

You will also prefer such work which will involve some travelling and location changes, field
research than being totally confined to a single location all the time.

However the most important thing is that you will prefer such efforts which gives quick
results and rewards. You would prefer that your job and efforts must give a very high reward
to effort ratio.

Besides your regular profession, you may also prefer to dabble in stock and share market
where you can apply your analytical and research skill to earn high and quick gain by
spending least efforts in time.

Obviously if these opportunities are not present or possible in your present career, you are
unlikely to be satisfied or feel any contentment in your present job.

2.5 Special status of planets and the connection with your career

Career choice as per Destiny controller in your chart:
In every chart, there is one planet which we describe as the “ Destiny Controller” of our life.
As Destiny controller, it influences every aspect in our life and it will trigger major events
during it’s period/sub-periods in our life. One of the most important aspect in our life is of
course our career. The destiny controller in the chart is that planet which makes the closest
aspect with one of the 12 houses in our chart among all the planets.

Neptune at 22 degrees 12 minutes in Scorpio in your natal chart makes the closest aspect
with the 8th house cusp at 26 degrees 28 minutes 51 seconds Pisces in your natal chart.

 Neptune is your destiny controller and the good news is it is having mutual aspect from
Jupiter at 10th house as well as favorable trine aspect from Moon and Saturn from 12th

People who has Neptune as Destiny controller, they will have an unusual and very
interesting life. They will also have great inspiration and research abilities. There will be
unexpected twists and turns in life by which Neptune will control your destiny and eventually
will give you great rewards and recognition both in terms of your pursuit of Vocation as well
as Pursuit of wealth.

It will also not be out of place to mention that Neptune makes closest aspect with your 8 th
house which is the house of research. It also receives good aspect from Jupiter from 10 th
house which is house of profession. It also receives aspects of from Moon and Saturn from
12th house. 12th house signifies foreign country and or foreign connection. Ultimately in your
career you will have to finally settle with a foreign company or institute and or in a foreign

2.6 Special status of 6th house and 10th house and their respective lords and their
connection with your careers.

  2.7 Astrologer’s comments on choice of your present career - how it connects /
disconnects with the general astrological signature for career in your chart.

Astrological signatures analyzed so far indicates that research pursuit connected with
computer software that you have chosen as a career is the right choice in your career.

2.8 Astrologer’s recommendation for alternative career choices where you will be able
to manifest your core competence better.

You have to acquire some higher academic qualification or experience as soon as possible
because you have already reached the age of 33. You have become somewhat stagnant in
your career path and you need a breakthrough in your career. Your job also has become
somewhat routine and mechanical which is no longer inspiring. However this breakthrough
can only come if you acquire certain additional qualification or experience. Jupiter lord of
your 5th house and lord of your 8th house located in 10th house is have a strong connection
with Moon in your chart because it is located in the Nakhatra of Moon in your chart. Moon is
the 12th lord located in 12th house itself, the house of foreign connection. You should try to
acquire higher qualification in a foreign institute ASAP. Do not think it is an impossible
   dream. In your life as mentioned earlier opportunities can come unexpectedly. You should
   send some of your research findings to different people in a foreign country or you should try
   to publish your findings and work in specialized journal in a foreign country. Do not think as
   most people think these days that the only ladder to grow in career is through MBA degree
   only. You need to acquire a post graduate qualification to start your career growth path.
   Foreign connections can be established by being based in India also. 20 years main period
   of Venus is going to start in your life from 21st January, 2010 only It is in Venus period only
   you will get the desired break-through in your career. The last 7 years since 21 st June, 2003
   during Ketu period has given stagnation but it has also created a strong foundation from
   which you can now take off to your desired career choice.

  3.0 Karmic introspections on how you can pursue to fulfill your goals in
   life for ‘Pursuit of Vocation’ along with ‘Pursuit of Wealth’ in your life:

   Seed/trigger/result table for Pursuit of Vocation and pursuit of Wealth.

    Pursuits                      Seed stage     Trigger stage             Result stage
    Pursuits for 'Dharma' (Vocation) house       1st house                 5th house
    Pursuits for 'Artha' (wealth) 6th house      10th house                2nd house

    Pursuits                                   Seed              Trigger/span    Results
    Pursuits for 'Dharma' (Vocation)           26                27              31
    Pursuits for 'Artha' (wealth)              36                31              30

   You will observe that Pursuit of Vocation matrix between seed/trigger/result improves
   continuously. This signifies that you may start with lower seeds but you will be able to
   improve the same in giving concrete shape to your vocation and if you can really nurture it
   well the final results will be excellent and beyond your expectation. The karmic indications in
   your chart will be supportive for you to fulfill your long term strategic goal and true purpose
   of your life.

   You will observe that when it comes to pursuit of wealth in your day to day life, the Karmic
   indications are not supportive. It is progressively declining between seed/trigger and result
   stages. This indicates that you must make more efforts in your day to day work life and you
   also must not lose focus on your long term goal and objective. That is what is happening,
   you are just carrying out your daily duties and responsibilities pure mechanically and getting
   stagnated and frustrated in your present career.

4.0         Summary Conclusions of various signatures in natal chart with
   respect to your career

4.1 Your core competence to be successful in Self-Employment, Business or Profession.
   Your core competence lies in research and research management. For this you need to
   work in a large organization as an employee, which should have sufficient priority and
   should be in a position to allocate sufficient resources in research and development.
   Obviously this cannot be self employment nor can it be an independent business for you. It
   should be large institute like university, government institution or research organization of
   very large corporations.

4.2 What is the level in term of professional recognition and success you are likely to
reach as per astrological potential in your chart ?

   The sum total of Ashtakbarga scores of your 1st house, 5th house, 9th house, 10th house and
   11th house is ‘142’. The average Ashtakbarga score of these 5 houses for success in
   profession is 140. Hence as per potential in your chart, you should definitely reach more
   than average success in your profession based on your competence and qualification. In
   professional terms you should reach the senior level of management within the professional
   structure of your organization. However you are unlikely to reach the topmost echelon of
   management or administrators in the organization.

4.3 What is the level in terms of financial success and net worth you are likely to reach as
    per astrological potential in your chart ?

   2nd house is the house of wealth or the net worth in your chart. 11th house is the house of
   income in your chart. Mercury is the lord of both these houses in your chart and is located in
   9th house, the house of destiny in your chart. This constitutes an important “Dhana Yoga” or
   “Yoga for Wealth” in your chart. However Mercury is retrograde as well as combust in your
   chart. It’s shadbal is only 0.94 ( see planet table). This has made the Dhanyoga weaker in
   your chart. However it also indicates that you are likely to earn wealth in a foreign country or
   through foreign connection and you may not be very successful in your motherland. Lord of
   4th house, the house of motherland is badly placed in 8th house also.

   Further Ashtakbarga score for 11th house, the house of income is only 27 which is even less
   than average ok score of 28. But the second house ashtakbarga score is 30 which is very
   good. It signifies that even if your income level is not very high, you will be able to save and
   accumulate wealth better. Your net worth will be higher than average upper middle class
   level at the end of your professional career.

   4. 4 Will there be several and frequent changes in your profession or will you more or
   less stick to same job and minimum changes in your career.

   There are predominance of movable signs where most of the planets are located in your
   chart. Further lord of Ascendant Sun is located in movable sign Aries and is exalted in the
   9th house. Further Lord of 10th house Venus is retrograde and located in dual sign Pisces in
   the 8th house.

   There will be several and unexpected changes in your career through career breakthroughs
   will come in your life.

   4.5 Will you have several job simultaneously in your career?
Lord of your 10th house, Venus is in dual sign Pisces in the 8 th house. However both your
Ascendant as well as 10th house are fixed signs. It is unlikely that you will have more than
one job simultaneously. However possibility of individual consultancy work along with your
regular job cannot be ruled out. You may undertake such consultancies within the ambit of
your regular job contract.

4.6 What will be the level of efforts/slogging and responsibilities you will experience
as per your chart?

Ashtakbarga score of 6th house is quite strong in your chart. Lord of 6th House Saturn house
aspects it’s own house from 12th house. Saturn also has a favorable trine aspect to lord of
10th house Venus.

Saturn will make you work hard and struggle, only then Saturn will give you it’s rewards and
will give you responsibilities in your profession. As per your inner nature you may not like to
struggle and sloth and if there are no quick results, you may get frustrated. However hard
work and consistent efforts will be the only Mantra for success in your career.

4.7 What will be your relationship and emotional quotient with people interacting with
you ?

Sun is the natural signifier of Superiors in a chart. Sun is lord of your Ascendant and is
exalted in your 9th house. You will have excellent relationship with your superiors. They will
even go out of their way and will give you unexpected support or boost in your career
provided you are willing to make the efforts and can show results. In general your
interpersonal skill with your peers and subordinates will also be excellent.

4.8 When earliest you are likely to start your career and independent earning as per
your chart ?

You are likely to start your career and independent earning any time between May 1998 to
June 2000, when Saturn in transit will conjoin Sun in 9th house Aries in your natal chart. It
will be most likely during Mercury/Jupiter period between 6th July, 1998 to 11th October,

4.9 What kind of functional responsibilities are most suitable for you ?

Research and development function more in the line of research and project management
operation and process.

5.0 Career milestones as per transit and Dasha system
5.1 Four major milestones in career between the age of 20 years to 60 years of age
as per the relationship between transit Saturn and natal Sun in the chart.

First Mile Stone:

May, 1998 to June 2000. Your career will reach a climax for good or for bad. It is most
likely that because of circumstances you took up your first independent job after
    completion of graduation in engineering. You might have been somewhat disappointed
    because you wanted to continue your studies or you wanted to go abroad for higher
    studies. Saturn in transit will conjoin Sun in Aries in your natal chart.

    Second Mile Stone:

    September, 2004 to July, 2007 You are likely to take up a new job during this period. It
    will not only be a new job but new functional responsibility also. Saturn in transit will be
    in 4th house, Cancer from Sun in your natal chart.

    Third Mile Stone:

     August, 2012 to November, 2014: There may be a temporary break in your career. It is
    most likely will be a sabbatical and you will finally decide to acquire further academic
    qualifications. Saturn in transit will be in 7th house from Sun in your natal chart in Libra.

    Fourth Mile Stone:
    January, 2020 to January, 2023: You will reach the peak of your professional career. You
    will be possibly be the functional head of a division in a large government or corporate
    organization. Saturn in transit will be in 10th house from Sun in your natal chart in Capricorn.

   5.2 Four Major milestones in career changes between eh age of 20 years to 60 years of
    age. As per Rahu / Ketu transit through 10th house, the house of profession.

    First Mile Stone:

    March 2002 to August, 2003: Rahu was transiting through your 10th house.

    Second Mile Stone:

    June 2011 to December 2012: Ketu will transit through your 10th house.

    Third Mile Stone:

    September 2020 to February 2022 Rahu will transit through your 10th house

    Fourth Milestone:

    September 2029 to February 2031 Ketu will transit through your 10th house

5.3 Major periods of career accelerations between 20 years to 60 years as per Vimsotheri
    Dasha System.

    Venus/Sun 21st October 2013 to 21st October 2014

    Venus/Moon: 21st October 2014 to 20th June 2016

    Venus/Mars: 20th June 2016 to 21st August 2017
    Venus/Jupiter: 20th August 2020 to 21st April 2023

    Venus/Mercury: 21st June 2026 to 21st April 2029

5.4 Major periods of career challenges between 20 to 60 years as per Vimsottari Dasha

    Ketu/Ketu: 21st June 2003 to 17th November 2003

    Ketu/Rahu: 22nd May 2006 to 9th June 2007

    Ketu/Saturn: 15th May 2008 to 24th June 2009

    Venus/Rahu: 21st August 2017 to 20th August 2020

6 Career Predictions for next 1 year- monthly / 3rd years -quarterly / 5 Years
   -half yearly based on karma Index and Dasha Systems.

    Karma index table for next one year

   From To
             Soul Wealth Efforts Happiness Creativity Disease Spouse Windfall Destiny Vocation Desire Detachment Karma
   Date Date
    10- 09-
   Mar- Apr-    50    -32   -121        -80        5      44       4    -187     -34       52    -61         76      27
   2010 2010
    10- 09-
   Apr- May-    97      8   -132       -102       35     121      41    -233      28       77    -44        111      71
   2010 2010
    10- 09-
   May- Jun-    33     45    -51        -52       24     115      37    -115      50       27     9         107      78
   2010 2010
    10- 09-
   Jun- Jul-     5    106     58        23        68     145      58      64     127      -15   100         127    114
   2010 2010
    10- 09-
   Jul- Aug-   -11    102     33        51        67     137      53      74      68       23    54         129    108
   2010 2010
    10- 09-
   Aug- Sep-    31    100    118        58        73     -93     -18      79      79       52   117         -43    112
   2010 2010
    10- 09-
   Sep- Oct-    84     88    216        69        17    -113     -44     120     112       60   122         -35    156
   2010 2010
    10- 09-
   Oct- Nov-    48    -10     36        -17      -12     -56     -36     -36      11       27    17          21      60
   2010 2010
    10- 09-
   Nov- Dec-    15     74    -58        -17       68     157      59     -64      52       37    20         146      96
   2010 2010
    10- 09-
   Dec- Jan-    89     34    106         2       -48      86      -1       4      80       44    12         127    143
   2010 2011
    10- 09-
   Jan- Feb-   132    294    397       191        76     102      48     314     291     135    215          89    357
   2011 2011
 10- 09-
Feb- Mar-   50    143   244     90       -12   82    13   173     161    32   117    101   206
2011 2011

Best >= 100      Mixed < 100 And >= 30    Average < 30 And >= 5   Worst < 5

1 year monthly Karma Index Table.

Comments : As per Monthly Karma Index Table for next 1 year , Overall the year will be
definitely more favorable for you. However with respect to career I will say it will be mostly
business as usual except that you may expect some real break through in your career
during First quarter of 2011.

Dasha / Antar / Pratyantra Dashsa Systems

The Vimsottari Dasha System : During next 12 months you will be experiencing the following
periods and sub-periods in your life.
The last sub-period of Mercury in the 7 years main period of Ketu which had started on 24 th
June,2009 will come to an end on 21st June,2010. During Ketu period , you had reached a
kind of stagnation in your career. The good news is finally this stagnation will be over with
the onset of 20 years of Main period of Venus in life. Your real career break through will
actually come during the

second sub-period of Sun in the main period of Venus between 10th January,2011 to 12th
March,2011. There will be sudden new opportunity in your career which had been your
desire for a long period of time.

Do not expect spectacular improvement except the expected ones during the callender year

1 Is there any possibility of changes in your present job during next 1 year / 3 rd years /
5 years. If yes when the change will be for better or for whose up.

There may be unexpected possibility of change in present job between 10th September,
2010 to 9th October,2010 , but it is most likely that definite possibility of desired change will
happen between 10th January,2011 to 9th February, 2011.

2 When you can expect definite promotion or reward in our present career during next
1 year / 3 years / 5 Years

I expect definite promotion/reward/change in your career during Jan/February 2011. Within
next 1 year.

3 Is there any setback in present job and when?

I do not expect any major setback in your present job during next 1 year but I would like you
to be careful and cautious during the months of March/April/May 2010 . From June 2010
things will ease up once again.

4. Is there any likelihood of a foreign placement and when. Will it be short term or
long term assignment?

There are possibilities of short term foreign assignment during the first quarter of 2011.

5 If there is a promotion will it bring both monetary gain as well as higher designation.
Promotion or change in job that I expect during first quarter of 2011 will definitely bring
greater financial compensation as well as higher responsibility and change in designation.

6 If there is a change, will it involve a change of location also and when?

There are definite possibilities of a change of location which does not rule out foreign
placement also.

7 Is there any possibility of loss of job or demotion or being superseded by others if
yes when
There are no possibilities of such a drastic set back during next 12 months in your career.

8 Overall this period my profession will be considered as Best / Worst / Mixed period
in my professional life

Overall I will consider this period will definitely be good in your life which will mark the end of
period of stagnation in your career and you can expect major change and breakthrough in
your career.

7.0 Answers to your specific questions/concerns
The question that you should really ask yourself is not When You can get a good Job?
Instead you should ask yourself How can I get a good job. In this report I have given you
several advices on that front. You must proactively pursue each one of them. The specific
answer to your question has already been given : Yes you will get your good job offer during
first quarter of 2011.

8.0 Astrological Remedies
The life time recommendations for you will be valid for current period also.

You should strengthen the planet Sun by wearing a Ruby weighing 4 to 6 carats in potency. It
must be mounted on a gold ring and worn on the ring finger of your right hand. The gem must
be put on first on a Sunday morning.

You should strengthen the planet Jupiter by wearing a Yellow Sapphire weighing 5 carats in
potency. It must be mounted on a gold ring and worn on the index finger of your right hand.
The gem must be put on first on a Thursday morning.
With warm regards
Satrajit Majumdar