A fantastic stage play by hkksew3563rd


									The Stage play, as the name suggested, is an artistic form that could more likely
interact with the emotion of audience at the living scene. Last Sunday, I got a ticket of
a large scale stage play holding at the national stadium. One of my amigos who
enjoyed that play before told me it is an excellent play and it definitely won 鈥檛 let
me down. After I watched that play, I have to admitted that, it was the best living
theatre I have ever seen,
  Actually, it is a film presenting the special air of four seasons, that is ,spring ,
summer , autumn and winter, and now I would like to share same of four season plots
with you.
  Spring is coming, a kids wake up by the pleased singings of the birds, then he
walked outside of his door, the fabulous land scrape made him surprised, the
followers such as rose, sunflower, tree peony , crape myrtle ,daffodil , winter jasmine
are in bloom. The myriad things moisten, glow the full of vitality, the air is warm and
everything looks fresh and green in spring.
  The cicadas are singing, in brilliant moonlight the beautiful lake sparkles like
crystals. A groups of little girl giggling and coming to the centre stage, they are,
dancing with the rhyme of a passionate song. Together with the happy girls and joyful
dance, a wonderful summer are presenting in front of our audience. Autumn:
  in this harvest season, it is time to pick up fruit, you see, a farmwife is picking the
fruits at her orchard, baby-face like apple, crystal-like grape,鈥︹€? suddenly, a
flaring pear falling down, a genius jumped out of that pear, he introduced to our
shocked farmwife that he is a fruit genius who could controlled the mature period of
fruits, he would gift the industry farm wife the excitement and happiness of good
harvest. Then he asked that is there other famer worth of a harvest autumn, finished it,
he left and said goodbye to farmwife, and bring the harvest time to other person.
Maybe that is the principle of life:鈥漬 o pain, no gain.鈥?
  Accompanying with the lullaby of winter fairy, everything were sleepy, the director
created an peaceful and quite air, went through the vigor of spring, the passionate of
summer, the mature of autumn, four season of one year come to Ouroboros of next
  Comments: the thing is how to make the audience to fell more vivid? As matter of
fact, the usage of green laser beam is a key point of this successful stage play, take the
spring as a case, 5mw green laser pointer and 30mW Green Laser Pointer were been
used shining the grass and tree, besides, the beam of a 30mW Green Laser Pointer and
30Mw red laser pointer were consistently altered, showing a vigorous spring to our
vision. Also, the 30mW Green Laser pen were uses to the summer period, brining the
hot summer a fresh flavor.

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