7 Essential Retro Gifts For Mom And Dad This Christmas by hkksew3563rd


									Top Picks for Christmas Gifts 2010
 The holiday season is fast approaching and with it comes the stress of finding just
the right holiday gift for everyone on your list. Especially fo baby-boomers and their
parents; we've handpicked unique retro gifts for parents in our top three categories -
Christmas gifts for mom, Christmas gifts for dad and Christmas gifts for parents
together! Our chosen unique> selections meet every budget and are sure to put a smile
on the face of your mom or dad come Christmas Day.
 Top Three Picks - Christmas Gifts for Dad
 Big Button Radio - As another great addition to your Christmas gift list, you'll be
amazed at the great sound you'll get from this AM/FM big button radio. It's compact
and can fit on a desktop, nightstand, kitchen counter or bookshelf, but provides the
kind of rich, room-filling sound you would expect from a large, expensive home
stereo system. The large, oversized tuning dial makes it easy to 'dial in' to your
favorite stations - especially your favorite sounds of the holidays!
 Atomic> - Dad will love this attractive and stylish watch that features all of the
benefits of atomic time while speaking the day, month, and year. Features include big
numbers on an easy-to-read dial, a great-looking leather band and a cheerful hourly
chime (that can be turned off if you'd like). The alarm and time zone features are also
easily customizable. Surprise dad with this great looking, high-functioning watch this
 Vinyl-to-PC Turntable - This Christmas, help Dad take his old vinyl records and
bring them into the digital era! If you dad is a typical dad, he has a stack of old vinyl
records gathering dust in the attic. The ingenious device will allow him to convert
vinyl records to PC files, i.e. convert his old vinyl collection directly to CD or MP3.
Not only can he convert his albums to digital files, but the Vinyl-to-PC Turntable
software actually improves the quality of the recordings - actually eliminating the
pops, hisses and static they've acquired over the years stuffed in the attic. A truly
perfect Christmas gift for dad!
 Top Three Picks - Christmas Gifts for Mom
 Balanced> - The balanced spectrum floor lamp is a terrific gift for mom at Christmas
or any other time. This lamp offers full spectrum light and brings many of the benefits
of natural daylight indoors. Perfect for writing, reading, sewing, painting, needlepoint,
artwork, studying, and more, this lamp brings the sunshine indoors, uses long-lasting
bulbs, and saves money compared to other similar lamps. Let mom experience
outstanding clarity, comfort and ease while working on any task.
 Jewelry Cleaner - Everyone wants their jewelry to sparkle and shine, but time is a
commodity and it can be a real hassle to go out and have your jewelry professionally
cleaned. Your mom may be like many others and have plenty of jewelry; this little
gem of a Christmas gift for mom will help her collection to look its best.
 Spa> - Pamper mom with these velvety soft, easy care polyester terry slippers that
will wrap her foot in comfort and style. These slippers feature a contoured foot bed
and an enhanced raised heel and arch to provide stability and support. There is even a
weatherproof outsole with skid-resistant tread that will provide sure footing outside.
Let mom enjoy the spa experience at home this Christmas.
 One Cool Christmas Gift for Both Parents
 Auto-Finder Essential Kit - This is truly a great Christmas gift for mom or dad (or
both!). We all know that sinking feeling that comes with 'misplacing' your car in a
public lot or parking garage. This small hand-held pointer will guide you to your car
up to mile away with direction indicators that include both lighted arrows and sound.
Have you ever forgotten what your rental car looks like? No problem - this
auto-finder will easily and discreetly guide you back to your car.
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