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									                                 Election to Board of Directors
                Candidate Statements to Australian Film Institute and Members


The Australian Film Institute (AFI) is holding an election for the appointment of one director to its
Board. One position will be available for member election when the appointment of current directors,
Jennie Hughes and Simon Britton, expires at the Annual General Meeting on Monday 13th December

All financial members of the AFI are entitled to vote in the election. To be eligible to vote, you must be
a paid up member of the AFI as at 5pm on Friday 10th December 2010.

Votes must be submitted by completing this ballot paper and returning it (in accordance with the
directions below) by no later than 5pm on Thursday 9th December 2010. Any votes received after
that time will be invalid. KPMG has been appointed by the AFI to administer the election and count the
votes. The outcome of the election will be announced at the AFI’s Annual General Meeting on Monday
13th December 2010.

The following 5 candidates (listed in alphabetical order, by surname) have been nominated by
members to run for election to the position on the AFI Board. You are entitled to select 1 candidate
only. You should indicate your selection by marking the box at the end of this form.

                                    CANDIDATE STATEMENTS:
   1. Mike            When I was hired to set up a new Distribution business for Universal Pictures in 2006,
     Baard            one of my first strategies was to develop the company’s commitment to local content.
                      What better way to grow a U.S. business in a market than connect with its audience in
                      their language and culture?

                      Sadly what I found was a development, production and distribution sector of the “haves”
                      and “have nots”, the cream of our talent working abroad making International
                      productions and many toiling away locally in development hell and financial purgatory.
                      Those few films which conformed to the FFC cultural test mostly failed miserably in
                      connecting with and inspiring their intended audience.

                      However our timing could not have been better. With a fresh approach from Screen
                      Australia, we have worked with emerging film-makers such as Andrew Wight
                      (“Sanctum”), enticed established film-makers such as P.J. Hogan to return home (2011’s
                      “Mental”) and are about to announce a studio-first partnership with a leading Australian
                      company to co-finance, co-produce and co-distribute a slate of Australian films.

                      Momentum counts for a lot and we live in exciting times.

                      Digital transformation offers new and more cost-effective methods of production and
                      distribution, our Government is supporting the Production sector with innovative new
                      business models and Australian talent continues to shine in almost every area of the
                      International business.

                      The AFI is uniquely placed to shape this momentum by developing its core activities
                      within the Screen sector, promoting Australian film-makers and performers in new and
                      engaging ways to both local and International audiences, developing media and business
                      partners in Australia and abroad to further fuel interest in Australian Film and Television
                      and to be at the forefront of promoting Film via the prestigious AFI Awards.

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                           Election to Board of Directors
            Candidate Statements to Australian Film Institute and Members

2. Rob          I write for stage and screen and work as a script editor, story editor, producer and
 George         director. My credits include the ABC series MDA, the documentary Fearless and an
                animation series The Woodlies. My children’s telemovie Captain Johnno won an
                International Emmy and my stage play Percy and Rose toured nationally. My feature
                credits include Fair Game, Passion and Selkie on which I was writer and producer. I have
                been a member of the AFI for over 30 years and have attended almost all of the Awards
                screenings since the late 70s and have served as an industry judge on many occasions.
                In 2005/6 I was the industry rep on the AFI Awards Organising Committee. I was Chair of
                the South Australian Film Industry Advisory Committee for several years in the 1980’s,
                chair of the AWG in both SA and Victoria, Chapter Head of SPAA in SA, Board Member of
                the ACTF and I am currently a member of the Victorian Film and Television Working

                I believe the AFI plays a critical and independent role within the Australian film and
                television industry. The AFI Awards remain the most prestigious and significant awards
                handed out by the Australian screen industry. It is my observation that the AFI is
                managed very effectively and is well placed to expand its role as a support and promoter
                of Australian film and television. I would like to see the AFI continue to explore all the
                opportunities that the on-line world presents in order that the organisation can play its
                role within the screen industries to best effect.

                I believe my creative background and depth of experience will be an asset on the AFI

3. Jennie       During my tenure as an AFI Board director the Institute has enjoyed a period of stability,
                growth and success. Long-term support has been established with key partners such as
                The Movie Network, Macquarie Bank and Nine and I have been pleased to be able to
                assist the executive in securing some of these key sponsors and to utilize my industry
                expertise to provide assistance in other areas of the AFI. The move to Sydney in 2011
                is very exciting and there are many great new initiatives currently planned with some
                underway including promoting our industry to a global audience, which I’m sure that the
                membership will be very excited about too.

                Through my current role as Head of Acquisitions, Programming and Production at Ovation
                Media and my company Hughes Media which provides a production financing and
                executive production facility to filmmakers and my previous roles at Southern Star,
                Macquarie Bank, Virgin, Warner and Sony Music, I have been actively involved in the
                industry for many years. It’s important that the AFI remain relevant to an ever changing
                industry and that it continues to help promote and provide recognition to the Australian
                film and television production community, through the annual Awards screenings, AFI
                Awards and many other new initiatives such as AFI TV. Given my substantial experience
                and expertise spanning music, production, financing and international sales and
                marketing I feel that I have much to offer and can continue to assist the AFI in this

                I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the members for their previous support of
                my directorship and hope that I have the opportunity to continue to contribute to the AFI
                as a board director.

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                           Election to Board of Directors
            Candidate Statements to Australian Film Institute and Members

 4. Shana       Shana is a passionate member of the Australian Film Industry. She joined Melbourne
  Levine        based Instinct Entertainment as one of its directors in 1999 and has produced
                commercially successful mainstream movies and award winning dramas aimed at the
                international marketplace including the AFI nominated Charlie & Boots, Till Human Voices
                Wake Us, Torn and Strange Bedfellows. She is actively involved in the development of a
                number of film and television projects and producing content for traditional and emerging
                distribution methods including currently producing Strange Bedfellows A New Musical and
                the animated Little Johnny feature film.

                Before joining Instinct, Shana practiced at a Melbourne based law firm, as an associate,
                specialising in entertainment law. In this capacity, Shana was invited as a guest speaker
                for a variety of industry events and courses and represented many of Australia’s leading
                independent film and television producers, directors, distributors and financiers in a wide
                variety of projects.

                Shana holds Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Law degrees from Monash University
                in Victoria, Australia and is currently a qualified corporate lawyer. In addition, she has
                completed a number of courses to further develop her creative skills including video
                production, directing for the screen and investigating performance with the Mike Leigh
                Method and became a qualified NLP practitioner in 2007. While still at University, Shana
                was awarded a one-year scholarship to U.C.L.A, where she studied Entertainment Law
                and Management of the Hollywood Studio System with Peter Guber (then head of
                Columbia/Tri Star). She also interned in the publicity department of the 24 - hour
                entertainment channel, E! Entertainment Television.

                Shana would welcome the chance to contribute to the AFI.

 5. Anna        Passion for Australian Films has been a love for many decades. Seeing an Australian TV
Rasztabiga      station that shows Animation, Shorts, Docos and Features, by Australian filmmakers
                would be a wonderful addition to our industry. Yearly, films by our filmmakers continue to
                astound, beguile and bewitch with freshness and innovation. I have always been proud to
                be a part, in my humble way through work, attendance, public relations and encouraging
                AFI memberships to the many I speak to in my encounters. Thank you for considering

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                             Election to Board of Directors
               Candidate Statements to Australian Film Institute and Members

Ballot Paper

Please indicate your preference for 1 candidate only by marking the boxes of your selected
candidate with an "x” below. Ballot papers that include more than 1 selection will be invalid.

     Mike Baard

     Rob George

     Jennie Hughes

     Shana Levine

     Anna Rasztabiga

     I would like to give my vote to the Chairman as proxy

Please return your completed ballot paper by no later than 5pm on Thursday 9 December
2010 to:

Attention: Tony Batsakis
AFI Election, KPMG, GPO Box 2291U, Melbourne, Victoria 8060

Alternatively, you can sign and scan your ballot form and email to:


Any submissions without this form attached, or with the vote in the body of the email will be
deemed invalid.

Declaration (please print in block letters)



declare that I will be a financial member of the Australian Film Institute as at 5pm on Friday
10 December 2010.

Signed:              ___________________________             Date:

Membership no:       ____________________________            Expiry date: _    ____

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