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CMS Choral 1011


									Chapman Middle School
  Choral Handbook

       Chapman Middle School
         2006 Reuben Drive
        Huntsville, AL 35811
           (256) 428-7640

      Ellen J. Williams, Director
                         Choral Mission Statement                          1

       The Chapman Middle School Choir mission is to provide an atmosphere
of learning through the art of singing as an individual and within a group. The
choral program is dedicated to introducing music to the student in order to
enhance and enrich the student with a complete educational experience. The
choral program seeks to prepare students for success in District and State
competitions, Solo and Ensemble competition, and in their future choral
endeavors. The choral department has a set goal of achieving superior
ratings at all festivals and competitions.
       The choral department will perform a Christmas and Spring concert and
will perform at other selected events throughout the year. We strive to
achieve a highly disciplined atmosphere in which all students can learn
without being distracted.
       A successful tradition starts with an attitude of success. As parents,
choral members, and choral director, all of our efforts need to be directed
toward creating a positive opportunity for the boys and girls in our choral
program. This opportunity starts with an understanding of the expectations of
those who participate in the choral department. The following information
explains these expectations.
 Dear Parents and Students,                                                    2

      Thank you for your decision to be a part of the Chapman Middle School
 Chorus. My name is Ellen Williams, and for the past seven years I have been the
 Choral Director at Chapman Middle School. This year I will be the Choral
 Director, half time, at Williams Middle for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd periods of each
 day. Then, I will travel during 4th period and teach 5th, 6th and 7th periods at
 Chapman Middle School. Many teachers in the Huntsville City School District
 will be teaching at two schools this year. More than ever, I am going to need
 student cooperation and parental help and support, to ensure that the choral music
 program continues to grow and excel.

  I was born and raised in Virginia. I received my bachelor’s degree in Music
 (voice major) and Air Force Commission (AFROTC) from VA TECH, and
 served on active duty in the Air Force for 14 years. I started my teaching career
 in Texas, 1992, and moved to Alabama in 2002. I have been singing, dancing,
 performing and directing school, church and community choirs and community
 theatres for many years. It is my hope to instill in your children that SINGING

      I look forward to getting to know each of you. Please read through the
 following pages, fill out all forms, and return to me by Friday, August 13th.
 After reading the handbook, please feel free to contact me with any questions or
 concerns you may have.

                               Classroom Expectations

1. I allow students to remain in my classroom as long as they do not cause a problem
   for anyone else.

2. I teach when there is no talking or other distraction.

3. I listen to one person at a time.

4. Please treat everyone else in the room with the same respect you would like us to
   show you.

5. Please take care of all classroom materials, furniture, etc.

6. Please, no gum, candy, food, or drinks.

   First Violation = warning
   Second Violation = written assignment or silent lunch*
   Third Violation = Parents will be called
   Serious Violation = Referral to principal

   *Parents may be called depending on infraction

                                         To Parents

       Thank you for allowing your child to participate in the choral program. Your
support for your child’s choral activities is so important to his or her musical
development and success. Please encourage your child to practice at home and
provide a place and time for practice. Please also let your child know that you support
his or her musical activities and praise your child for his or her progress. Positive
encouragement is so important in a student’s development.

      Please remember that you are responsible for providing or arranging for
transportation of your child to and from after-school performances and rehearsals,
and that they arrive and are picked up on time for each activity.

      We will be doing written work in chorus. Your child will need a pencil, a
3-ring binder/folder with pockets, and notebook paper each day. These materials
may be kept in the choral room. Please make sure that your child has these materials
and brings them to school by Wednesday, August 11th.

        Finally, your child’s membership in our chorus automatically makes you a
member of the Chapman Middle School Choral Parent Association. Our first meeting
will be on Monday, August 23rd at 6:30 in the Chapman Library. It is very important
for all parents to attend this first meeting, since we will discuss many of the upcoming
year’s activities; and it will give me an opportunity to meet and talk with you.

       Parents, please remember that Choir is not an extracurricular activity; it
is part of your child’s required elective curriculum. Every effort is made to work
hard during class time, so that after school rehearsals are kept to a minimum.
Children need their parents’ love, support, and encouragement. You and I have
a vested interest in making sure your child succeeds in every subject this year,
including Choir.
                                          Daily Routine                                         4

The following is a description of the daily routine we undergo to ensure a successful
rehearsal. A successful choral program is made up of students who follow these steps
each day.

1. A successful rehearsal begins with the students entering the music room in a quiet, courteous,
   and orderly manner.
2. When students enter the room, they are to pick up their folders quickly and take their seats.
3. Students will be considered on time to class if they are in their seats with their daily folders and
   music folders by the time the bell rings.
4. Students will check the white board for the agenda and put their music in the order of the agenda.
5. Concert attention will be observed when the director begins class.
6. Choral members should have the following materials with them before the bell rings at
   every rehearsal: their music folder with all music; a pencil (not an erasable pen); and their
   daily folder (portfolio).
7. When class has ended, students should return their daily folders and music folders to the
   designated areas before leaving the room.

           Rehearsal and Performance Procedures & Requirements

Formal concert attire for Concert Choir (7th & 8th graders only):
       Female choir members are to wear black choir dresses, black dress shoes,
jewelry, and natural colored hose. The total cost of the entire outfit and carry bag is
       Male choir members are to wear black dress pants, white tuxedo shirts, black
ties and vest, black socks, and black dress shoes. The total cost for entire outfit and
carry bag is $102.00.

       Students are expected to be dressed in proper attire at all performances. Students who
are not wearing correct attire will not be allowed to perform and will receive a grade of 0 for
the performance!

6th Grade Beginning Choir:
White Polo collared/short sleeved uniform shirt, and long black uniform pants.
Polo shirts must be tucked in.


All students need to turn in their money for uniforms no later than Friday,
August 27th. Please make checks payable to Chapman Middle School Choir.
Formals must be ordered NO LATER THAN September 1st so we’ll have them
for our first performance.
Procedure for picking up students from performances and competitions:

       Students may be picked up at the conclusion of a choral activity, but must ride
the bus to the activity if the school provides bus transportation. Please use the
following procedure if a student is to be picked up by a parent or guardian instead of
riding the bus back to school:

      1. The choral director must receive a written note from the parent or guardian.
      2. The note must include the date of the activity and the person to whom the
         student is released.
      3. The individual who is to pick up the student must make direct contact with
         the choral director at the conclusion of the activity.
      4. No student will be left unsupervised for any reason.
      5. When the choir is completely loaded on the buses, the buses will leave. If a
         student has not been picked up by that time, the student will ride back to
         school on the bus.

Forms required for students to participate in field trips:

        A signed permission form is required for a student to participate in any choral
field trip. A form will be provided by the teacher prior to each trip. Please make sure
that all forms are turned in by the deadline on the forms.
        For all out-of-town field trips, an out-of-town field trip medical release form is
required for each student. The form must be signed by a parent or guardian in the
presence of a notary public. A copy of this medical release form is in the back of the
handbook. This completed form should be turned in at the choral parents’ meeting on
Tuesday, August 17th, 6:30 p.m. in the CMS Library. If you can’t attend the meeting
have your child turn it in to me during class on Wednesday, August 18th.

      If your child is taking any prescription medication at the time of a field trip, a
physician must sign a school medication authorization form in order for us to give
your child the medication. This form is available from the school nurse. For
information regarding over-the-counter medications, please contact the school nurse.
All medications (prescription and over-the-counter) must be turned in to the school
nurse at least one week prior to the trip. One medication authorization form must be
completed and returned to the school nurse at least one week before the trip for each
medication to be administered.
               2010 – 2011 SCHOOL YEAR GRADING SYSTEM                                            6

Each CMS choral student’s grade is averaged in four separate areas. The four areas are:
      50% Class work ethic and participation
      25% Performance
      25% Daily grades (portfolios, tests, pencil checks)

Fifty percent of the choir grade each nine weeks is class work ethic and participation. Students
begin each grading period with a score of 100 in this category. In order to keep the score of 100,
students are expected to participate in all rehearsal activities at all times. Five points will be
deducted from the participation grade for each class period that a student is observed choosing
not to participate in the rehearsal. (If a student is talking, doing homework, reading a book, etc.
when he or she is supposed to be singing or listening to the director, he or she is not participating in
the rehearsal!)

The second part of the grade is performance. In every nine-week period there are required
performances. Since choir is a performance art, the performances are very important. Since a choir
performs as a group, a student’s absence from a performance affects not only that student but the
entire group as well. Performances should only be missed in case of illness, and parents should
make every effort to notify the director prior to the concert time if a student is sick and unable to
come. If absent because of illness, an alternate assignment will be assigned. IT IS THE
25 percent of a student’s grade.

Daily grades will consist of portfolio grades, tests, and pencil checks. Each student will be required
to purchase a 3-ring binder/folder with pockets to use as their choir portfolio. If students misplace
their folder, it is their responsibility to get a new one and complete the missing work as soon as
possible. Class notes, written class work, and tests for the current nine weeks will be kept inside the
portfolio. Students will also be required to keep notebook paper and a pencil in their folders at all
times. Students will keep their folder in a designated area within the choir room. Testing is not a
major part of choir, but some testing will be done from time to time. Some tests will be written, and
some may be given orally. The teacher will also check to make sure each student has a pencil from
time to time for a daily grade.

To average the final grade, add up all three parts. Grades and behavior may also be checked
online through the STI. Students will receive extra credit for parent attendance at choral parent

Total Grading System:
50% Class work ethic and participation
25% Performance 1st Nine weeks All-City Auditions/Festival/Classroom Performance
                   2nd Nine weeks Christmas concert (SEMESTER EXAM)
                   3rd Nine weeks District LG (choir will sing/sightread for “Superior” rating)
                   4th Nine weeks Spring concert SEMESTER EXAM/8th Grade Graduation
25% Daily grades (portfolios, oral/written tests, pencil checks)
100% TOTAL
                                      Monetary Procedures                                          7

Donations: In order to help with the cost of printed music, copies, and other operating expenses, we
ask for a $20.00 fair-share contribution ($35.00 per family with more than one child in choir) at
the beginning of the year. Please turn in these contributions by August 27th. Your child will be
expected to make the fair-share contribution prior to paying for optional choral activities such as All-
City, All-State, Choir Trips, etc.

All money turned in should be in the form of a check made out to Chapman Middle School
Choir with the child’s name and the reason for the money printed on the memo line. If you
must send cash, please send correct change in an envelope with the child’s name and the
reason for the money printed on the envelope. In order for Ms. Williams to manage rehearsal
time effectively, she cannot make change during class time. Thanks in advance for your help
in this matter.

Fundraising: In order to keep our choral program running, we ask that each family do its part when
it comes to fundraising. The money raised through fundraising goes toward many things, including
buses for choral activities, choral music, and choral room supplies. We will do at least two major
fundraising activities during the year. Each year, some families would prefer to make a donation
instead of their child doing fundraising. We accept these donations graciously.

                                   Optional Activities
The following choral activities/trips are available to interested students.

The Huntsville All-City Choral Festival is an honor choir comprised of students in
the Huntsville City Schools who are selected by audition. Students in grades 6-8 are
welcome and encouraged to audition.

The Alabama All-State Choral Festival is a festival comprised of students from all
over the state of Alabama who are selected by audition. Students in grades 7 and 8
may audition; however, they must be willing to spend a considerable amount of time
practicing their music at home. Being selected for All-State is not easy, but it is a
tremendous honor and a very rewarding experience.

Solo and Ensemble is a competition held in Huntsville for soloists and small groups
of singers. Students in grades 6-8 may participate.

Spring Trip - The Choral Parent Association plans a Choir trip for the Spring
Semester. This trip is planned and executed by the choir parents. This project will be
brought up at our first Choral Parent’s Meeting on August 17th. Please make every
effort to attend this meeting. Parents will vote on whether to have a trip this school
year. With the uncertain economy, a picnic or pool party may be more appealing than
an expensive out-of-town trip.
                       Student Leadership Opportunities                                 8

       A flourishing choral program is dependent on many people. One of those
groups of people is our student leaders. To be a leader, a student must commit his or
herself to a higher standard of performance and responsibility. The following student
offices are important to the success of the Chapman Middle School Chorus.

President (8th grade student)
       The president, an 8th grade student, is responsible in overseeing the work of all
officers. She will run the monthly meetings. The president needs to periodically (at
least once a week) check in with Ms. Williams to see what extra things need to be
done. If a fellow officer does not complete a given task, the president will be asked to
help out.

Vice-President (7th grade student)
     The vice-president, a 7th grade student, will assist the president and take over
whenever the president is unavailable perform his/her duties.

Publicity Chairman (7th grade student)
       The Chairman is responsible for taking notes at meetings and typing them out to
distribute to all officers. Publicity will design all concert flyers, copy them, post them
around campus, and remove them from around campus at the end of an event.

Historian (8th grade student)
       The historian is in charge of recording the year's events through pictures/videos
and creates an annual choir scrapbook. He/She will create a slideshow at the end of
the year for the Choral Awards Concert. Computer skills are required for this
position. All types of pictures are needed - candid, festivals, road trips, tour, class
time, concerts, honor choir, etc.(work with Mrs. Wortendyke for coordinating pictures
for yearbook, special events, Concert/performances/DVDs, etc.)

Librarian (one for each choir class)
      The librarian maintains the library filing system. All new music must be
boxed and labeled with the appropriate information. They also need to add new
music to the library computer list and keep the library organized. Once a piece of
music is performed, all music must be collected from the student’s music folder
and labeled and filed away in music library storage area.

Crew Leader (7th & 8th grade students only)
      The leader will organize a crew to help Ms.Williams setup and breakdown
equipment for each performance, including risers, sound equipment, chairs, etc.
                                       Awards                                      9

Outstanding Choral Member Award
      This is the director’s award to one 7th and 8th grade student that has performed
with excellence within the choral program.

“Rookie of the Year”
      This is the director’s award to the 6th grade student who has performed with
excellence within the choral program.

“Golden Voice” Award
      Voted on by fellow students, this award is for the one student who has the best
singing voice.

Choral Spirit Award
     Voted on by fellow students, this award is for one male and female student as
“The Best All Around”.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone
or email. I am looking forward to working together with you to give your child a
choral experience that will be both educational and enjoyable!


      Ellen Williams

      Phone number:       256-772-0501 (home)
                          256-428-7640 (school)

      Email:     (home)
      Please detach, sign, and return this page by Wednesday, August 11th.

I have read the 2010-2011 Chapman Middle School Choral Handbook and agree
to abide by the rules and policies in this handbook.

Parent’s Signature and Date

Student’s Signature and Date

Note to parents:

I send all parent memos out by email. Please provide/print your email address
below. If you do not have email, please write “none” and I will provide your
child with a printed copy of all memos. It is the responsibility of your child to
make sure you receive all printed copies of memos sent home. Please make sure
your child understands this. Please be sure to check your email frequently.
Thank you for your support in this matter.

Email address
                                             Chapman Middle School
                                                Choral Calendar

First Day of School                                             August 9 – full day

Fundraiser—QSP catalog                                          August 25 - September 9

Choral Parents Meeting                                          August 17 at 6:30 p.m. (Tuesday)

UNIFORM MONEY & DONATION FEE OF $20 DUE                         AUGUST 27 (FRIDAY)

AVA FALL WORKSHOP (Ms. Williams in Birmingham)                  September 10-11

All-City Auditions*                                             September 27-28 at Huntsville MS

Fall Break                                                      October 4 – 8

All-City Rehearsals (days)*                                     October 18, 19 at First Baptist Church

All-City Performance (night)*                                   October 19 at First Baptist Church

Choral Parents Meeting                                          November16 at 6:30 p.m. (Tuesday)

All-State Auditions (grades 7-8)*                               Nov 12-13 Mayfair Church of Christ

Christmas Band & Choir Concert                                  December 7 CMS Gym, 6:00 p.m.

End of 1st Semester and last day of school                      December 22 – full day

School reopens for students                                     January 4 – full day

Fundraiser—cookie dough                                         January 14 - 29

Choral Parents Meeting                                          January 18 at 6:30 p.m. (Tuesday)

Solo and Ensemble*                                               February 14-15 Willowbrook Baptist Church

State Choral Performance Assessment (District)                   (TBD)

Choral Parents Meeting                                          March 22, 6:30 p.m.

All-State Choral Festival*                                       Mar 24-26 Samford University (Birmingham)

Spring Break                                                     April 11 – 15

Spring Choir Trip (TBA)*                                         TBD (May)

Spring Concert/Award Program                                     May 12 at 6:00 p.m. in AV Room

8th Grade Graduation                                             May 18 at 6:00 p.m.

Last Day of School                                               May 20 – full day

                                                 APPENDIX A (105-12)

                                              Huntsville City Schools
                                    Out-of-Town Field Trip Medical Release Form

Student’s Name:                                           Date of Birth:
Street Address:                                           City:                 Zip Code:
Parent/Guardian #1 Name:                                  Parent/Guardian #2 Name:
Address:                                                  Address:
Home Ph #:                                                Home Ph #:
Phone # @ work:                                           Phone # @ work:
Employer:                                                 Employer:
Cell Ph # or Pager:                                       Cell Ph # or Pager:
If unable to reach parent/guardian, please notify:
         Name:                                            Relationship:
         Home Ph #:                                       Cell Ph # or Pager:

                                         Student's General Health Information:
1. Does your child take medication? YES NO
   (A completed and signed School Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization Form is required for each
   medication (prescription or over-the-counter) medication to be administered during the field trip).
2. Does your child have any allergies? YES NO If yes, please list:
   Does your child require medication to treat severe allergic reactions to insect stings/bites, food, etc.? ___
   (If yes, a copy of the completed and signed Emergency Plan for Severe Allergy form and the form(s) for related
   medication(s) must accompany this form).
3. Does your child have asthma? YES NO
   (If yes, a copy of the Student Asthma Action Plan Form and related medication authorization forms must accompany
   this form).
4. Does your child wear contact lenses? YES NO
5. Date of your child’s last Tetanus Booster shot:
6. Is there any health history that may assist the person in charge if this student should become ill?

   Family Physician:
   City:                                        State:                           Zip Code:

Authorization to Treat/Administer Medication:
I hereby authorize medical or surgical treatment of                                                 if any emergency
should arise. I give permission for decisions to be made by the certified teacher in charge and/or Huntsville City Schools

NOTE: Your signature on this form acknowledges your acceptance of financial responsibility for any medical or dental
care your child requires.

Signature of Parent/Guardian                                            Date

*Signature of Notary                                                    Date

State                                    County                         Date Commission Expires

                                   CMS Photo Waiver Form

Our choirs will be photographed during the year at various performances and events, and for
yearbook. We would like to post pictures of the students on our CMS website . Please sign
below indicating your permission or refusal to allow your child's picture to be posted.

Thank you,

Ellen J. Williams
CMS Choir Director

______ I give permission for my child, _________________________________________
to have their picture included on the choir webpage.

______ I do not give my permission for my child, _________________________________
to have their picture included on the choir webpage.

_______________________________                 __________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature                       Date

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