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									Yeast Infection: Its Signs and What You Should Do With It
  How can you tell that you really are suffering from a yeast infection? The wisest
thing to do is that you should visit a gynecologist to have the condition properly
diagnosed and tested. Many women have always resorted to self-medication
鈥?although this can work in some, but it still is best that you do not confuse yeast
infection to something else.
  Treating a yeasst infection is not that dificult. All a woman needs to do is to respond
immediately to its signs and take appropriate action.
  Signs of a Yeast Infection
  Only a doctor can diagnose you if you have yeast infection. A testing is done by
swabbing the discharge for further analysis in a microscope. But sometimes a woman
can tell by its smell, look, and feel that she has candida. Listed below are the most
common signs of a yeast infection:
  - Stinging sensation together with intense itching in the vulva and vagina. Itchiness
in these parts can get quite bad.
  - Yeast smells like beer or bread. However, the yeast ingredient used (saccharomyces
cerevisiae) in baking and brewing is completelty different and not the one responsible
for yeast infections.
  Other Bacterial Infections and their Signs That Are Not Similar to A Yeast Infection
  A vaginal infection caused by bacteria can definitely feel a lot like a yeast infection
if the area is painful and itchy. In yeast infections, the discharge is qhite and thick,
almost cottage-cheese like, and smells like bread or beer.
  However, the discharge in other vaginal infections can appear brown, green or dark
yellow in color; also, these have a rather unpleasant smell especially after a sexual
intercourse, and are mostly signs of sexually transitted disease and to be sure, have
yourself tested immediately.
  A Urinary tract infection (UTI) occurs in the urethra and anyone regardless of gender
and age can have this. UTIs can be easily recognized and treated. This type of
infection has signs that are not similar to those of yeast infection. A person with
urinary tract infection experiences pain during urinating, pain in the lower back or
abdomen, chills, fever, and mucus or blood in urine.
  Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by bacteria that can
infect both the urinary tract and vagina. Signs include itchiness and pain in the vaginal
area, pain during urination and sexual intercourse, and occasional pain is xperienced
in the lower abdomen.
  In Recognizing a Yeast Infection
  A yeast infections can occur by fungi (candida albicans) overgrowth. Causes include
use of antibiotics, birth pills, and wearing tight clothing which traps heat and moisture.
Other contributing factors are PMS, multiple sclerosis, pregnancy, and diabetes.
  Yeast infections are also coomon in women with HIV. Other possible causes are
yeasts (an ingredient used in beer and bread), starch, and sugar consumption in large
  Most common signs of a yeast infection include:
 thick, white discharge that is almost odorless pain during sexual intercourse painful
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