5 Positive Motivation Tips to Help You Achieve Your Goals by hkksew3563rd


									Wondering how to turn your ideas into a working blueprint for success? Here are
some positive motivation tips to help you go from the thinking to the planning stage
in a jiffy!
  1. Set Goals - What do you want to accomplish? Set goals and write these down.
Your goals can be a source of positive motivation. Every time you look at what you
want to accomplish, you will be inspired to get to work to make your dreams come
  2. Generate Ideas - How will you reach your goals? Write the methods and ways that
you can think of. In the beginning, write all of your ideas down. Gradually, however,
pare these ideas down to what's practical and what's not. After all, you have to work
with limited resources. Choose the ideas that are the most doable given your limited
  3. Come Up With an Action Plan - So you have your goals and ideas. Make sure you
don't lose sight of them by coming up with an action plan. This plan will help you
keep track of your progress and at the same time, keep you motivated until you have
achieved your goals.
  4. List the Challenges You Expect to Face - Many people get discouraged because
they do not know how to deal with the challenges that come up. Don't let this happen
to you. By planning for the challenges that you are most likely to encounter, you can
respond to these challenges quickly and proactively once they do happen.
  5. Take Action - Plans are no good if you don't act on them. So, execute your plans.
Then, measure the progress that you have made so you can figure out how much
further you still have to go.
  Positive motivation takes a lot of practice. But, don't despair. It's a skill that you
develop through repetition and over time. The longer you work at reaching your goals,
the better you will get at it in the long run.
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