5 Marketing Secrets For Letterheads Revealed by hkksew3563rd


									Letterhead printing is a simple yet potent tool for marketing. Whether you are printing
a sales letter, or you are using your letterheads for direct mail marketing, they can
really be powerful and attractive tools that turn common readers of your letters to
actual customers and responders.
  If you want your own color letterheads to be effective at getting those responses,
then you might want to know a few expert secrets in 鈥渓 etterhead marketing 鈥?
Let me reveal to you five of the major secret marketing concepts that you should
  1. Wordings matter 鈥?The words of your letterhead really matter a lot when you
are using them for marketing. By using more impressive sounding or official
sounding words in your letterheads, you can uplift the value of the content where your
custom color letterhead is at.
  For example, instead of just printing 鈥淛 ane Doe secretary 鈥?you can print 鈥淛
ane doe Workflow manager 鈥? This is a simple example of course, but you will
notice that there is a slight more impressive quality in workflow manager than just
being a 鈥渟 ecretary 鈥? Word choices like this can mean a lot in letterhead
marketing, so choose your words wisely in your color letterheads and make them as
powerful and official sound as you can.
  2. Logo quality matters 鈥?The quality of the image logo in letterheads also is a big
deal if you want your letterheads to be effective at marketing. The truth is, most
businessmen and businesswomen do not pay attention to the logo print within the
letterhead color design. As long as they see the logo they think it is already fine.
However, in a lot of cases, those loos are a bit blurry and do not have the highest
quality resolution that it needs.
  When that happens, the letterhead and the actual letter actually become more cheap
looking and unprofessional. That is why you should always pay attention to the
quality of the logo that you are inserting into your color letterheads. Make sure that it
is large with at least a 300 dpi image resolution. Believe me, you will get better
responses from your folders, with better quality image logos.
  3. Colors invoke emotions 鈥?You should also be aware that certain colors within
custom letterheads can help add emotions to the letter. For example, cooler colors like
blue and green are typically better for real official documents, since they look more
formal and serene. More energetic color so on the other hand like red and yellow are
perfect for sales letterheads where you need people to get excited and pay attention.
So make sure you decide on your color deliberately to get the right emotional
  4. Paper and Ink quality matters 鈥?Of course, paper quality matters as well in
letterhead printing. The paper typically influences how most letterheads look. That is
why it is actually best to find letterhead printing companies that offer high quality
glossy paper that can really impress almost anyone. So if you have some extra money
left for letterhead printing, you should try to upgrade your prints to better quality
  5. Do not be afraid to invite people to act 鈥?Finally, the best marketing tip that I
can give you for color letterheads is to not be afraid to invite people to act with your
letterheads. That call to action is important in most marketing prints and your
letterheads should also have this action. So when possible, try to tell your readers to
鈥渉 urry buy now 鈥?or compose something similar. Trust me, you will get a
percentage increase in responders just because of that easy invitation.
  So there you have it. Five great marketing secrets revealed for letterhead printing.
Now you can create wonderful letterheads that are ideal for marketing. Good luck!
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