5 Fun Apps for Android Tablets by hkksew3563rd


									Android tablets are all the rage these days as this attractive alternative to Windows
and Mac OS has emerged from the shadows. The Android tablet and smart phone
craze has initiated a sudden gush of apps that do everything under the sun. For
Android enthusiasts, this is great news indeed! Let’s take a look at five fun apps for
the Android tablet:
   Calorie Counter PRO by MyNetDiary.com: This handy Android app is an essential
tool for all the calorie counters out there. Easily track your food selections with a
database consisting of over 300,000 foods; both pre-packaged and fresh. Keep tabs on
your body measurements, recipes, favorites, exercise, planning, charts, food time
tracking, barcode scanner capability, and so much more. Now dieting can be fun with
this Android app! Fruit Ninja: This ever popular iPhone app has arrived for users of
the Android internet tablet. Android fans can experience this game like never before.
Show off your ninja skills by slicing fruit en masse. Over 2 million copies (and
counting) of this app have been sold for the iPhone. Who knows what the future holds
for Android app users? Reckless Racing: Attention Android racing fans: The realistic
racing game that you have been waiting for is finally here. Reckless Racings brings
exciting state-of-the-art graphics in this internet tablet Android app. Slip, slide, and
skid your way through the tracks! Entity Sensor: Have some ghostly fun with this
Android app. Entity Sensor is an EMF detector that uses your phone’s built-in
magnetic field sensor. This app measures areas that have strong magnetic fields; just
like in the popular paranormal TV shows. Never miss out on another opportunity to
investigate paranormal activity with the Android Entity Sensor app. Training with
Hinako: Let Hinako, a Japanese anime girl based on the popular DVD by Primastea,
Inc. guide you through various exercises.

This is a fun way to get in your daily exercises without resorting to the same old gym
routine. When you don’t have time to go out for a jog or hit the gym, turn on your
Hinako Android app and squeeze in some valuable workout time.

As you can see, Android based apps are just as diverse and amazing as iPhone apps.
There is definitely something for everyone in the huge Android marketplace that is
growing exponentially every day. Grab your Android apps while they’re hot!

Susan Slobac is a consultant in the handheld electronics industry. Susan writes about
trends in internet tablet android & android tablet.

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