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5 Cool Tips to Fantastic Web Design


									1. Planning is vital, if not the most central factor, for a smooth flowing, proficient web
project. By planning, you will save yourself untold pain and many heated rows. Do
not be eager to leap right in and start coding. It is a sure-fire blend for disaster and
without doubt, certain to add heaps of extra production hours as you track down the
bugs caused by altering code partway through.
  2. Mocking up the site is a great way to visually involve the client and give them a
firm interpretation of how the website will look when it's given the green light. Use
Photoshop to assemble the visual. We utilise the 960 grid system so that a
standardised arrangement reaches the web developers. The brilliance of using
Photoshop is that these concepts can be put online for comment and what the client
sees is close to what the client gets when the web page is assembled.
  3. Use the Colour Contrast Analyser from This offers you the heads
up from an accessibility point of view. At the visual creation stage you can discover
what colours work and what don't. Utilising this gizmo will save hours when you find
out, a lot later down the line, that the website isn't compliant. Nearly all council's and
other government bodies insist upon compliance, so overlook this device at your
  4. Always use easy to understand navigation. Make it shout out. The last thing you
want to do is ask the user to hunt for it. It's essential to keep the end user uppermost in
your consciousness. Don't take the simple path when coding if it makes the navigation
awkward or hard to follow. Think about the end user. You want them to get to their
destination as quickly as possible - effortless and obvious, that's the key.
  5. HTML should be written in a clear, standards compliant way. This will not only
help all browsers and accessibility-assistive technologies to recognise your content
but will also have the added outcome of helping search-engine robots to read your site
precisely and easily.
  Utilise these 5 easy tips to effective web page design and you'll find yourself
speeding through the production process, saving you invaluable man-hours and
impressing clients with your efficient, professional approach.
  Eddie Payne is the managing director of a Midlands Web Design company called
Twentyfirst Century Media.

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