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5 Common Mistakes in Website Design


									Just when you thought that you have the coolest website design in the World Wide
Web, you just realize that everything has been wrong all along. You’re not ranking
well in search engines, and you’re not driving the right kind of traffic from your target
market. Simply put, your products and services are not availed, and you’re not gaining
the profit you’ve wanted.

  Top 5 Website Design Mistakes People Do
  It doesn’t mean that because you’re practically good in layout and art, you’re already
a master with regards to web design. Hence, if you want to make sure that you can hit
the target, take note of the following mistakes in website design: Your website isn’t
just compatible with a lot of Website browsers.
  One of the foremost reasons why your website design doesn’t click at all is because
it won’t show up with majority of Internet browsers. Keep in mind that there are many
types that can be utilized by Internet users. Classic examples include Mozilla Firefox,
Internet Explorer, Opera, and Crazy Browser. Thus, it only means that if you want to
make sure that you can reach out to as many potential customers as possible, your
website should show up in all of them. Before you upload your website, do some
testing first so you can already correct possible problems. You are simply using too
much Flash.
  There seems to be a wrong notion when it comes to websites. A lot of website
designers these days believe that one of the best ways to the heart of their target
market is to incorporate a lot of Flash and other animated images into their site.
Though they never fail to capture the initial fancy of anyone, these techniques have
their own drawbacks. First, they can slow down the download time of your webpage,
which, unfortunately, can make Internet users impatient. Second, search engine
spiders read texts, not images. Hence, it becomes harder for you to get indexed when
you use a lot of Flash. Fonts are not friendly to Internet users.
  Besides the overall layout of your webpages, you also have to take into consideration
the font that you are going to use. The usual mistake in website design is using very
small fonts, which makes content very inconvenient for Internet users to read.
Sometimes they are frozen, which means you cannot adjust their sizes. You should
ensure that your font is readable by complementing them with the background.
According to studies, the best combination is using yellow texts over dark background.
Content doesn’t match the theme of the website.
  Surprisingly, there are website designers who are making website content their
second priority. They are very difficult to scan, they are too long with no proper white
spaces, and that they seem to be forced to fit in just one page. The bottom line is
Internet users are finding it truly difficult to get the information that they truly need.
Webpages are not search-engine friendly.
  If you’re not taking care of your headline tags, not adding meta tags in each of your
webpages, or if you’ve been stuffing a lot of keywords in your websites, then you will
surely not gain the favor of search engines.

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