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					India is a vast and a beautiful country with n number of tourist destinations. From
modern-day cities to ancient monuments, or be it the religious places or holiday
destinations, India has everything that a tourist would expect.
  India is a beautiful country with so many must see places like the Jammu & Kashmir
with its pretty gardens, lakes and snow, Gateway of India at Mumbai, the Taj Mahal in
Agra, Kerala for its wonderful scenic beauty, the Charminar at Hyderabad, the
country beauty of Rajasthan, the varied colours of Gujarat, the rural charm of villages
in Punjab and Haryana and the various hill stations like Darjelling, Ooty, Nainital and
Shimla and even more. With so many places to visit, tourists tend to be at a fix to
narrow their search on the best tourist destinations in India. Here is a list of the five
best places to visit in India.
  1>Taj Mahal : situated in Agra , not far the capital ,this is a must-visit places in India.
The ultimate monument of love with the background of the graceful Yamuna river,
this place will make you fall in love. For people who have not seen the Taj Mahal, you
are missing something in your life. Previously listed in one of the seven wonders of
the world, one visit will prove you why.
2>Kashmir : This “paradise on earth” is second in the must visit places
of India. Be it the lovely gardens, or the breathtaking view of the snow-covered
mountains; the calm backwaters and the holy temples and the gardens- this is one
place that will prove your money’s worth.
3>Kerala: Is your monotonous city life killing your peace and make you want to get
out? Rediscover yourself in God’s very own country –Kerala. With its
beautiful beaches, rivers, hills and the rich culture and traditions Kerala is that place
which will want lure to itself again and again. The rich ayurvedic treatments
revitalises your senses whereas the serene beauty of the land gives you a heavenly
erotic experience.
4>Goa: “Go Goa” , the popular tagline adopted by the Goa tourism
board for promoting the tourism there truly describes the spirit of Goa. For people
who want to have a bit of fun, a rocking night life or just lie down lazily baking under
the warm sun , or just have a quiet evening stroll visiting the beautiful churches
– Goa does not need more reasons for being visited. The millions of tourists
who flock every year here are a proof for what’s in store for every individual
5> Varanasi : For people who want to discover their spiritual side, Varanasi would be
the must-visit pilgrimage centre in India. It is one of the oldest cities of India, this
itself indicated the depth of spiritual knowledge that resides in this place. One visit
and you will experience unknown bounds and power of divinity and feel blessed and
part of the lord.

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