How to Shock Chlorinate SST Drinking Water System 1, by smithhaleey


									         How to Shock Chlorinate SST Drinking Water System 1,
                      Tubing and Plumbing Line.

Shock chlorination is a fairly quick and easy method of disinfecting any empty water
filter canister(s) and tubing in a plumbing line. The idea is to apply a larger than normal
dose of chlorine to the canister and line for a period of time and then to flush the line to
clear the chlorine. A general method is as follows (NOTE: This method requires a
spare ceramic cartridge THREADED MOUNT in order to seal the canister without
using the ceramic cartridge installed. If you do not have an old cartridge please call
us at 1-800-667-8072 and we will send you one.

1. Bring the filter housing up into the sink, disconnect the swivel fitting and remove the
   Cap/Cartridge assembly. Unscrew the ceramic cartridge from the cap and screw the
   spare threaded mount onto the cap and tighten using the wing nut.

2. Fill the white case about half full with water and add a few tablespoons or so of
   Javex and screw the cap onto the case. Then reconnect the swivel fitting.

3. Turn on the SST faucet slowly and smell the water coming out until you smell the
   chlorine. Then shut off the faucet immediately and let the water stand for 1 hour.

4. After the hour, open the case and dump out the chlorinated water. (Note: Do not
   flush the line to get rid of the chorine yet).

5. Remove the spare threaded mount and replace it with the originally installed ceramic
   cartridge or a new one using the same procedure described in Step #1.
   Flush system for 30 seconds.

6. The case, downstream tubing and faucet should now be disinfected.

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