4 Ways To Reduce Your Auto Insurance Costs

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					Insurance premiums for comprehensive automobile cover are definitely expensive and
they are only going up. It's not uncommon to pay hundreds and in some cases
thousands for auto insurance. But did you know that there are many factors you can
influence to help you lower your car insurance premiums because they are determined
on many separate variables including age, driving history, the make and model of
your car and even where you choose to live or work.
  Even though car insurance is expensive there are few drivers who feel comfortable
without it. Third party car insurance is necessary for all registered vehicles but this
type of cover only protects other drivers in the event of an accident. It doesn't cover
your car or you. To get this kind of cover you have to pay extra.
  Saving money on car insurance is usually a matter of doing your homework on the
way insurance companies operate when it comes to comprehensive cover. To help you
let me share with you 4 tips for saving money on car insurance.
  To save on your car insurance you have to do a lot of work to compare policies. It's
incredible how different premiums can be between companies. You could save
hundreds if you get the right policy. One of the best places to go for information to
help you compare is your state insurance department. Because insurance is regulated
in some states you can find quality information about policies and rates. Otherwise
start talking to family and friends and go online to find websites that compare
different policies and rates.
  Just remember that price isn't the only factor in choosing car insurance. One of the
most important things to consider when insuring your car is the quality of service you
can expect from the company. Some companies don't respond very well to claims and
this is when you really need help. Some services are even available at additional cost.
I recommend getting your three best quotes and then going to the insurance agencies
directly to discuss their service before deciding on which way to go.
  Yet another way to save on car insurance is by increasing the amount of your
pre-claim excess. This is simply the dollar value you'll have to contribute to the cost
of any repairs. Usually it starts at about $200, but you could have a $0 excess on some
policies as standard. Increasing your excess means your insurance company will
charge you less in premiums. In some cases you could save 25% here.
  All insurance policies aren't the same. Some include more extras than others, like
collision, uninsured motorist cover, accidental damage and property theft. If you can
tailor your policy by picking and choosing some of these extras according to your
circumstances you are possibly going to save more and more.
  Taking the time to compare policies, claims processing services, your excess and the
extras in your policy could save you a lot of money in premiums. It's no good just
taking the first policy you see and taking it 'as is. Get the best deal on your car
insurance by taking your time and tailoring it to your circumstances. When you see
the savings you'll be glad you did.
  James Spacey writes about a variety of topics including eBay selling and drivers.