4 Great 25th Anniversary Ideas For Commemorating And Celebrating

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					To commemorate and celebrate your 25th anniversary, you and your spouse can renew
your vows, travel to a place you've never been, spend time at a local hotel, or give
personalized recorded messages.
  Reaching your 25th year of marriage is worth celebrating. Whether you present each
other with personalized gifts or plan a grand celebration involving your family and
friends, there are many 25th anniversary ideas which you can try and use to
commemorate this milestone event. Here are some ideas to help you plan for an
unforgettable silver anniversary:
  Redo your marriage vows
  You can hold a vow renewal ceremony and invite your family, friends and other
people that help made your marriage special through the years. The ceremony will be
a symbolic occasion perfect for marking your 25th year. On the special occasion of
your 25th anniversary, you must book a place at your church or some other venue of
your choice, where you can invite guests known to you and with whom you can share
the memories of the past together. Silver jewelry is usually used to symbolize the 25th
wedding anniversary. After the service, you and your guests can continue celebrating
the occasion at your favorite restaurant. Celebrate with champagne and hand out
souvenir favors to guests.
  Visit a place you've never been to
  A great way to celebrate your 25th anniversary is to go on vacation somewhere
together. Book an out of town trip, take a cruise together or go on vacation to a
foreign country. Exploring the new setting and bonding with your partner, free of
everyday distractions, will be very enjoyable. Taking a vacation to celebrate your
anniversary gives you time to share memories together and put the inspiration back in
your love life.
  Try going to a hotel in your area
  If you can't take the time to travel to some far off location, or you don't have the
money for an out of town trip, you can enjoy the lavishness of a romantic vacation
with your spouse at a hotel close to home. Spending some time at a local hotel for a
few days will allow the two of you to just be together while giving you a break from
the ordinary stresses of home and business. Some hotels can even make special
arrangements for couples on their anniversary. They can assist you in finding
activities at the hotel's various facilities that are specially designed for couples, such
as massages at a nearby spa, if you notify them in advance.
  Provide pre-recorded messages specifically to each person
  An ordinary present can enhance the spirit of a memorable anniversary celebration.
LifeOnRecord offers a very special 25th anniversary CD that is sure to help you
express to your spouse all the love you have felt for him or her over the past 25 years.
To celebrate your life as a couple, you can invite your family and friends to reflect on
your life together. You and your choice of callers will place meaningful messages
which will then be recorded for you and your spouse to listen to later. You can choose
to download the messages for free on your computer or save them on CD. Your
friends and family will undoubtedly feel especially honored that they were able to
share this time with you, and you'll get a terrific anniversary keepsake out of the deal
as well.
 There are several ways to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary. The one you
select as a couple should be the most meaningful.
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