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					   Riding in a Box
   How to Expand your membership –
   Recruitment Ideas

        Recruitment is vital to the sustainability of a riding club. It will bring new,
interested, active members, and new ideas. As well, your association’s viability is
guaranteed if there are always new and interested members.

It should be remembered that recruitment is a year long task.

1) Appeal to visible sources of interested members

           a) Ask local riding associations, (Federal and Provincial PC, Canadian
              Alliance), they may know of local youth within your riding.
           b) Try to acquire a youth volunteer list from the previous election
           c) Try to connect with local groups that may have an interest in politics. Try
              4H clubs, Ventures, and other groups that may have already experienced
              to working within an organization.
           d) Check with your politically active students. Individuals who write for a
              local or school paper, student trustees, student council members, political
              science students, etc.
           e) Ask friends, family, and neighbours.

2) Recruitment Techniques

   Identify Existing Members
      A simple way of expanding your membership is by just identifying youth
   members of your senior riding association. Many associations sell ‘Family
   Memberships’. Ask your riding president for a list of the families who have purchase
   family memberships. Families usually have youth, send all the families with family
   membership a letter and explain what it is your OPCYA Club is doing, and invite
   anyone under 30 to contact you and become more involved.

   A Recruitment Table
      a) Find people that are outgoing and friendly and put them in charge of
          recruitment. Form a team, guaranteeing you always have a group of
          committed recruiters.
      b) Sit down with your recruitment team and set realistic goals.
      c) Set up a recruitment stand or table in busy locations, or at local events.
          Contact the OPCYA Executive about having members of the executive come
          out to local events with supplies to help with recruitment. Always get
          permission before setting up a booth or table.
      d) Try to advertise your recruitment activities prior to setting up a table, as so
          interested students will make a point of looking for your recruitment area.
       e) Make sure to bring certain materials to your recruitment area:
          -Table                     -Banners
          -Buttons                   -Flyers/ Bluenotes
          -Membership Forms          -Cash Box
          -Pictures of past events -Food/Drink
          -Surveys on current issues (draws attention to your table)
          -Petitions on current issues (draws attention to your table)

Check with the OPCYA Executive for any supplies you may need.

       f) Always have a group(2 or more) of people recruiting, and remember these
              -Approach people in a friendly manner
              -Try to create a crowd to generate interest
              -Introduce yourself and make conversation
              -Use your tools
              -Tell people about two upcoming events (Ensure you have at least one
              event planned so somewhat interested people can come out as see if they
              wish to join the PC Party)

3) Keeping People involved
      Once someone has joined the party, keep in contact with them, and invite them to
      become more involved. Your actions will help them decide if they want to be and
      active, or non-active member.

Helpful tips:
           Recruit often.
           Do not always try and recruit in the same fashion.
           Ask people why they joined why they joined, to get an idea of what
           recruitment techniques have worked in the past.
           Invite people out to your clubs, your districts, and provincial events.

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