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3 Chen Technology Dm


									Riot Video camera Not uncommon, but can withstand hammer blows and even rolling
the car is not commonplace grinding. Recently, three journalists Chen Technology Co.,
Shenzhen Company (Hereinafter referred to as: c e Technology), an interview, three
Chenchu Min Chen, director of marketing and network technology marketing
manager for Chen Youlin struck by hammers, grinding roll, etc. auto show DM-818
anti-riot hemisphere axis riot surprising features.

  Sunchime Technology DM-818 anti-riot vehicle cameras are not afraid of pressure
( HC security network with map )

 Chen Youlin will be a DM-818 anti-riot hemisphere axis to place concrete floor,
driving a Buick Excelle Chen Chumin slowly run over the body from the ball machine,
just listen to "pop" a loud noise, we all thought Under this hemisphere it must be
"destroyed", and you look closely, the original is broken wheel pressure Power supply
Line, the camera apart from some scratches on the outside shell, safe and sound. "We
had not done in a similar test, President Chen's own weight plus the weight of
vehicles, to be honest I do not 100 percent prior certainty, but the slower car, ball
machine, the greater the pressure, but also there before you make a fool. "Chen Youlin
relieved smile to the reporters laugh. They will then cycle repeated this process
several times, and then keep hitting the hammer, the camera is still intact.

  Witness the complete DM-818 anti-riot hemisphere axis riot surprising features,
from the test site back to the office, Chenchu Min and Chen Youlin detailed for
reporters to "read" the characteristics of the hemisphere.

  DM-818 How to withstand such a huge hemispheric power, Chen Youlin said that
due to DM-818 abandoned the traditional common Dome Instead, choose a riot
acrylic material. Meanwhile, the ball cover and ball machine screws instead of the
triangular junction of ordinary screws, only with a special screwdriver with three e
can only be dismantled with the anti-demolition and anti- Damage Function.

 In addition, DM-818 built-in infrared light and variable configuration 4-9MM
Japanese imported computar Shot Not only monitor the effect, can also be adjusted
angle, can be used for a variety of demanding environments. High-quality
components and strictly control every production process, improve Product Stability,
to ensure the life of the product, so DM-818 is ideal for monitoring systems and
image processing systems. Currently, the product has been in some high-end hotels,
the financial system and place being used. In addition, DM-818 can also be used for
courts, hospitals and other public areas, ATM machines and other unattended
monitoring of complex flow environment.

 Chenchu Min told reporters, DM-818 anti-riot with its outstanding features and the
market price of less than 1,000 yuan to conquer the market, there are already more
than 900 units DM-818 stick in the Kunming bus terminal, northeast of a 24-hour
convenience Shenyang store, the Chongqing court, a convenience store in Shanghai
and other "status", so far not received any complaints.

 As for the further marketing of the product, Chenchu Min said, DM-818 has been in
the security exhibition in Zhengzhou, Henan, Shenyang, Northeast China Exhibition
on Security budding, and has been participating audience alike, also will attend the
exhibition in New York and Shenzhen security Security Expo, to further increase
market awareness.
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