2011- The Year of the Tablet by hkksew3563rd


									Tablets have used the same concept of a writing device that is used to help process
visual information whether it is a carving stone or a finger onto a surface just small
enough to hold onto with the users hands.
  Today personal computers are being geared towards the mobility and simple use of
everyday tasks in the palm of your hands. From smart phones to netbooks, the age of
compact computing and tasks has reached our everyday lives.
  A tablet computer, sometimes called a slate or tab, is a pc contained in a flat touch
screen housing which focuses interaction directly onto the screen. Common tools used
to directly contact the screen were a stylus, digital pen, or a fingertip which
functioned as the input device instead of the common keyboard or mouse.
  There are two types of tablet pcs today. There are those that run full PC operating
systems such as Windows 7, which happen to be modified to support touch-screens.
Users need to be able to use the same functionality as a desktop mouse would such as
closing a window, which is why a stylus was used. Some including folding screens
with a built in keyboard, but we're beginning to see a focus on strictly multi-touch
  A current example of this would be the latest announced Windows 7 HP Slate. This
will be the first true business tablet out in the market. Others that will soon follow
include the Cisco Cius and the Avaya Desktop Video Device which are both video
conferencing devices. The Blackberry Playbook will be focused towards business pc
tablet, but this and the other two previous tablets mentioned won't be running off of a
traditional desktop operating system.
  With the development of Unix-based Os's and the integration with mobile smart
phones, manufactures have pushed towards implementing these OS's with their pc
tablet devices. The Google Android and the Apple iOS are the two popular OS's that
many of the tablets and slates will be built around. Other up and coming operating
systems include, Maemo, Meego, RIM, WebOS, and OLPC. These pc slates are
equipped with a multi-touchscreen and are primarily finger driven and are better
supported for a touch interface.
  The first of these to come out was the Apple iPad, but many similar systems are
coming out onto the market be the end of 2010. There are even tablets focused
specifically towards electronic reading and digital books called an e-reader (also
e-book, ebook, digital book). These devices only function to display simple text based
publication in digital form. The dedicated hardware tends to have the right screen size,
battery lifespan, lighting and weight. Many have begun to implement wireless
accessibility allowing the transfer of digital media such as publications and music.
  The year 2011 is predicted to become the year of the tablet pc. Many tech companies
have teased, leaked and displayed their up and coming tablet computers which has
created a buzz amongst the tech industry. To find out more information please feel
free to check out "PC Slate Tablet" for the latest news and information.

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